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BBC PharrellDesigner street wear has a huge following with graphic sweaters and t-shirts as popular as ever. One of the most luxurious street wear brands of current times is the Billionaire Boys club brand and we aim to give you an overview of what it is and why it's so in demand.


An Introduction To Billionaire Boys Club 

Billionaire Boys Club is an exciting luxury street wear brand bringing exclusivity and quality clothing to the urban street scene. The main attraction of the brand is the quality materials used to create the unique styles and designs which are produced in limited quantities.

Established by Grammy Award winner Pharrell Williams and Japanese DJ and fashion icon Nigo, the two set out to create a collection that would be worn by some of the world’s most stylish men, while staying true to their own down to earth street style values and upbringing.  The founder of ‘A Bathing Ape’ brand, Nigo has been one of the most influential Japanese designers in the last 20 years, reinventing the modern street wear look though its desirability and limited availability.

The brand name came from a film title which Pharrell was instantly drawn to, and as he looked more into it, realized it was a true story about a young social club that was run as a Ponzi scheme to gain money to support the lavish lifestyle of their members. As the money start dwindling away, the members began to kill to keep up with their lifestyle. Pharrell thought this was terrible, and he wanted to change the meaning of ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ and what it stood for in the modern day society into a positive by showing wealth was more than just about money, it was about wealth of the heart and mind too. Like the criminal social club which the brand takes its name from, the brand reflects the lavish lifestyle of its designer with both colour and style mixed with a playful approach for the younger audience. Billionaire Boys Club was born.

In 2011 rapper and music producer Jay Z announced he would be going into partnership with the Billionaire Boys Club brand to sell the clothing line pieces under his Rocawea label in the United States. This will undoubtadly bring an upturn in exposure and sales for the brand with Jay Z being one of the most famous musicians on the planet with a keen business eye.

Wealth is of the mind and the heart, not the pocket” – Pharrell Williams


Billionaire Boys Club


The Billionaire Boys Club Collections 

The Billionaire Boys Club ranges mix top quality with superiority design and exclusivity to bring this ever growing brand to the growing men’s fashion market of today. The brand first came to the public’s eye in The Neptunes and N*E*R*D videos after the official launch back in 2005. The bold colours and patterns are instantly recognisable to the ‘BBC’ brand along with the Japanese clothing inspiration. The graphic prints and patterns are all unique and distinguishable to the brand helping the overall brand image and separating itself from the other products on the market.

BBC has been a huge success in the states thanks to the USA skateboarding scene. The original cutting edge design mixed with the casual fashion sense and slouchy loose, comfortable fitting clothes has become a representation of the urban skateboard look and is standing at the edge of the trend setting fashion scene. 

Billionaire Boys Club Spaceman


Celebrities and Media

Over the last few years a number of high profile celebrities have been spotted wearing the BBC brand. American stars including Pharrell Williams, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, rapper Tyga, Chris Brown and many more have all chosen the BBC astronaut logo (above) as a centre piece to their casual wear.  Most recently, Iggy Azaelea and A$AP Rocky have been snapped wearing Billionaire Boys Club hoodies with Tinie Tempah releasing a photograph of himself in a Billionaire Boys Club sweater.

Tinie Tempah

Ice Cream

Thanks to the growing success of Billionaire Boys Club, the brand has created a new brother brand, named Ice Cream. Quickly gaining prominence in the men’s street wear fashion scene, in particular the Ice Cream T-Shirts and Sweaters, these are now renowned for their unique abstract and vibrant colour combinations and one off prints. Ice Cream has a different logo to BBC, separating themselves somewhat, but still keeping the overall skater, bright vibrant look and feel of all the designs.


Billionaire Boys Club - Pharrell Williams Interview

In the the following video from the Beautyandyouth youtube channel Pharrell Williams undertakes an interview on the subject of Billionaire Boys Club



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