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Folk Clothing Brand Guide

An Introduction To Folk Clothing

Standing out from the crowd is a tough ask in today’s fashion stakes. With some brands opting for designs that are getting more and more outlandish, offering one gimmick after the next, one brand is taking a naturally niche approach, and heading in the exact opposite direction.

British born brand Folk choose to push the garish branding and flash designs of today in to the past, and bring crisp, clean clothing with a subtly classic aesthetic to your wardrobe.  Established in the heart of London in Folk Clothing2001, by the brands creative director, Cathel McAteer, Folk’s original mission was formulated through the brands designer, who purely wanted to create clothing that he and his friends would love to wear.  Now with over a decade under their belt, the brand still remains true to McAteer’s first concepts, consistently creating clothing, footwear and accessories that remain subtly stylish.

Folk personifies the idea of perfection. The brand does not strive for innovation, or extreme creativity. It merely perfects and hones the classics and the originals that make up the back bone of every man’s wardrobe.  With features ranging from meticulously developed trims, a traditional splash of colour, contrasting patchworks and selective fabrics, Folk clothing offers a fantastic sense of individuality and unquestionable style.

Folk clothing takes the casual elements of anyone’s wardrobe and gives them a thorough going over. With a huge range of exclusive fabrics, ranging from Alpaca wool from Bolivia for their knitwear, to double faced cotton from Japan for their shirting, the quality and finishing on Folk clothing is unparalleled by any other brand.  The resulting effect was always desired by McAteer. Anyone who wears Folk gets a ‘feel good’ factor, in the knowledge that the quality and premium styling of any Folk garment speaks for its self, with minimum effort.

Folk ClothingDespite its huge success since its arrival on the worlds fashion scene, Folk have still managed to fly relatively low beneath the radar, creating a small cult following and relying on word of mouth to help it grow.   As the brand has slowly grown in status around the globe, so too have its activities.  Keeping its roots firmly rooted in popular cultures, Folk regularly use its own retail stores in London to showcase new art and photography talent, blending in the brands clothing with budding artist’s new works. McAteer uses this as a way to distance Folk from any other brand out there- they make their clothes differently, so they display them differently too.

Celebrities Wearing Folk

Despite its apparent ability to stay away from the mainstream, Folk have still managed to acquire its self some powerful fans. Lauren Laverne is just one of a host of celebrities who have publicly claimed their love for the brands intimate detailing and beautiful aesthetics on their Clothing. As well as all the celebrity endorsements, Folk have been chosen to supply the outfits for a handful of actors and actresses in films and adverts.  Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt were kitted out in Folk in a number of scenes for the Film ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’. The brand was chosen for its simple low key styling, said to be perfect for matching up with on screen elegance.

Perhaps more famously, the king of football, Eric Cantona, was shot wearing Folk Menswear – a thick roll neck and slim fit trousers, to be exact, in Kronenburg’s new advert. Again, Folk’s simplistic styling was said to suit Cantona’s slick European style to the ground – even when the advert was shot in a pub and Catona pretended to be a farmer to be treated like a football star.

Folk, then, is a real rarity in today’s fashion world. A brand that has grown purely through reputation, creating a cult status all of its own, whilst managing to be represented in some of the best retail spaces in the world, Folk throw’s away the gimmicks and outlandish designs of many other brands, relying on the purity of its designs. The quality and conviction with which Folk see out their concepts are built to stand out from the crowd.  With a strong sense on finishing, it is ideal for those who want clean, crisp styling with a understated edge that cannot be replicated or matched by any other.

Folk Clothing Video

Folk isn’t a brand that likes to promote itself too much.  The generally like to let the clothes do the talking.  However, as mentioned in the above paragraph, the legend that is Eric Cantona wore Folk to record his advertisement for Kronenburg lager recently.


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