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H By Hudson

H By Hudson Brand Guide

An Introduction To H By Hudson

The sure fire way to beat any failing trend is to stick to the classic rules of style: strong, iconic design with deeply rooted heritage will always trump any fad going. Innovative shoe brand H by Hudson are advocates of this theory, creating timeless styles that have slowly grown to become the footwear of choice by shoe connoisseurs from their home town of London, to shoe lovers who are pounding pavements all over the world.

First started in 1990 under the name Hudson, the brand has always been about providing wearers with a high quality yet affordable pair of shoes-whether they buck the trends of the modern day, or follow the fashion pack. Hudson always aimed to acknowledge any trend of the time, and pay homage to it, whilst adding its very own twist to make sure that they stand apart from the overcrowded shoe market. Drawing its inspiration from the cultures that envelope London city, from music, to art, film and even style icons, Hudson finds everything it needs to develop it’s iconic and sought after styles in the places that surround it. Although it has often been imitated, Hudson is never rivaled, as it constantly strives for innovation and aims to surprise its army of loyal fans with new designs that are typically Hudson.

However, a changing scene in the world of designer footwear forced Hudson to create a new label that would be cheaper than the now well established Hudson brand, but maintain the high standards that people had come to expect from the London brand. The result came in 2004, when Hudson launched H by Hudson. A diffusion line aimed to keep up with a fast paced fashion scene; H by Hudson kept the philosophy of Hudson by taking trends and tweaking them to make them even better, whilst still offering some well heeled formal designs. Where Hudson leaves its classic iconic styles, H by Hudson takes after it, keeping its finger firmly on the dynamic pulse of footwear trends the world over.

H By Hudson

H By Hudson’s Popularity

Using high quality materials has always been the mainstay of the H by Hudson shoes, with soft leathers being the pinnacle of a host of H by Hudson styles. Never one to stand still, H by Hudson also use a host of suede’s in their range, and includes some truly individual washing processes to ensure that all of their styles have a unique appearance. Through tumbling and washing some of their leather and suede finished footwear, as well as dip dying to create rich, deep colours; a host of H by Hudson styles have a beautiful worn vintage aesthetic.

Each H by Hudson style is influenced by international culture, drawing inspiration from countries all over the world. This helps to make the collection diverse and hugely desirable, rocketing H by Hudson into the eye of the international fashion community. This coupled with every design being made to be both durable and desirable, give H by Hudson the edge when creating some of the most desirable footwear silhouettes around.

Although always developing and adding pure innovation to their styles, H by Hudson is an advocate of maintaining styles in their range that will become stalwarts of the brand, and represent the classic style that their fans crave. The Ellington is testament to this, standing the test of time to become one of their longest running styles. Featuring their dip dying technology, the Ellington works as a formal shoe with brogue detailing.

 H By Hudson and Celebrities

Like Hudson, H by Hudson has their hand firmly in the arts, pulling inspiration for their styles from anywhere they find it. Proof of this lays in the famous feet that H by Hudson shoes are currently gracing. Firmly looking at getting their styles flaunted by some of the hottest bands of the moment, H by Hudson have recently been spotted on members of Australian indie band Temper Trap, as they wore H by Hudson brogues at BT London Live in Hyde Park. Other famous band names hankering to represent H by Hudson’s timeless style include up and coming band Temples, as well as 90’s British music legend Noel Gallagher.

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