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Y-3 Brand Guide

An Introduction To Y-3

Y-3, the ongoing collaboration between global streetwear brand Adidas and Tokyo born designer Yohji Yamamoto, was founded in 2003 when Adidas wanted a unique twist to its massively popular footwear. The name Y-3 derives from a bond between the two, with the “Y” signifying Yohji Yamamoto’s influence, the “3” representing Adidas’ infamous three stripes and the dash indicating the strong bond between the two. Although Yohji Yamamoto is an international name in the fashion industry, he managed to gain a much more widespread name thanks to a collaboration with streetwear giants Adidas that formed in 2003. Y3 Hoody BlackAdidas, although hugely successful, needed a new range that sparked a new dimension for footwear. They approached Yohji Yamamoto and Y-3 formed, providing a seamless diffusion between functional streetwear and unique design. Famed for his unique cuts and shapes, Y-3 consequently began to churn out styles, shapes and forms of trainer that no-one had ever seen before. The bridge between functional sports inspired footwear and fashion had been successfully established and Y-3 has since cemented its place in the fashion world, expanding into menswear and womenswear as well as opening a series of dedicated Y-3 stores on an international scale. These standalone boutiques have sprung up around the globe as the brand gains an international following and its fans clamour for the next collection.Y3 Yohji Run TrainersPopular Styles Of Y-3

Y-3 trainers are arguably some of the most recognisable around, with extremely unique styles that have proved to be popular since their conception, in particular amongst the European and British markets. Examples of their unparalleled approach can be found in their staple designs like the BoxingSala and Honja Low. All take initial inspiration from Adidas’ mainstream line, with Yohji then adding a unique twist. Whether it be the patent leather uppers, the way that the shoe is structured or simply the colourways used, they manage to stand out effortlessly against conventional mens trainers.  Comfort is at the forefront of the Y-3 philosophy and after wearing these trainers in for some time, you will find that they are some of the most comfortable you’ve ever worn. To achieve this, Y3 have sourced pig and cow leather for the likes of the Y-3 Sprint Classics whilst the Honja classics use goat leather. Some of the popular styles that we stock are listed below

    • Y3 Boxing: A slim fitting, low profile style of trainers, the Boxing features a discreet lace up design and soft padded areas to aid comfort alongside the soft premium leather

  • Y3 Honja Lo: A stunning low profile leather trainer in the style of a skater look.  One of the all time favourites, it offers a hidden lace up system and performance cushioning throughout.
  • Y3 Kazuhiri:  A high-profile trainer, the Kazuhiri is a popular slim fitting shoe. An elasticated collar is adjustable for personal preference and accents the clean, stylish appearance.
  • Y3 Sala:  The slimmed down Sala is an ideal Summer shoe. A premium leather trainer shoe with Y-3 branding throughout, this sneaker offers unmistakable style and exclusiveness
  • Y3 Sprint: The ever popular Y3-Sprint and Y-3 Sprint Classic shoes feature a blend of materials and eye-catching details. Often spotted on celebrities, the Y-3 Sprint Classic is a winner year after year

Y3 Styles Of Trainers

Celebs Wearing Y-3

Of course, with international recognition comes the natural adorning of celebrities wearing the famed collaboration. David Beckham in particular is spotted with Y-3 on regularly, alongside actor Tom Hardy and rapper A$AP Rocky all photographed proudly sporting the famous logo.  During the London 2012 Olympics, swimmer Ian Thorpe was presenting on the BBC wearing a Y-3 polo shirt. That very same night we sold more styles of that polo shirt than we had done in the previous few months. P Diddy (or Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy, Puff, Sean Coombs or whatever he goes by these days) is also a supporter of the brand and has been snapped courtside at a basketball match wearing an eyecatching Y-3 hoody with his Nike Air Jordan Flight 45 Trainers. In 2010, footballing legend Zinedine Zidane continued his association with Adidas and became an ambasador for Y-3.  The natural extension of fashion into sportswear was what attracted Zidane to the brand.

Celebs Wearing Y3

How To Spot Fake Y-3’s

Because Y-3 sell some of the most exclusive designer trainers on the market, they are a prime target for people to try and reproduce illegally. Below we have listed a few guidelines that you should follow if you are worried that a pair of Y3 trainers are counterfeit:

  • Beware of lower priced versions – If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is
  • Look out for poor stitching
  • Ensure label with sizing/manufacturing info is attached to the tongue and is sewn in properly
  • Real Y-3’s are made of leather whilst some fakes are made of plastic. Have a smell
  • Ensure that you get the Y-3 branded canvas shoe bag and spare laces hat comes inside every shoebox
  • Shop at an official Y3 stockist such as ourselves after checking with Y3 to see if a company is an official stockist

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