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Rihanna Boy LondonThe younger generation might not realise the story behind BOY London clothing and might be asking the question ‘why is Boy London so famous?’.  Hopefully you are soon to get a better understanding after reading this as to why the brand is so popular and is worn by celebrities around the globe.

BOY London is one of the recent success stories of British fashion in an industry which has been hit hard in places by the recession. Stephane Raynor’s brainchild, initially brought to life in 1976 is the proverbial ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’ story.  BOY is one of the most in demand brands of current fashion once again with fans of the brand spanning a number of different subcultures as well as emerging into mainstream fashion. First of all, let us go back to the beginning of the BOY London story to discover how the brand became the success that it is today.


History of BOY London

As already stated, Stephanie Raynor began the brand in 1976 after utilising the experience of selling 50’s clothing to Malcom McLaren at his ‘Let it Rock’ store as well as her Acme Attractions style outlet. Acme Attraction had some now famous names on its books at the time and the success of this outlet led Raynor into the world of BOY, creating the store on Kings Road in 1976. Again Raynor managed to attract not just your ordinary retail worker.  Billy Idol and legendary club promoter Phillip Salon both worked in the BOY store before the height of their fame.

Adopted as the brand of choice for punks, BOY London also rode the wave of the birth of the New Romantic era in modern music.  Its association with the music world propelled BOY onwards into the fashion phenomenon it soon became.  Raynor’s focus switched slightly between ‘78 and ’80 when he created PX, another legendary store. In the 80’s BOY reached the height of its fame becoming a globally recognised brand. Ignited by a passion to create new styles and trends, the brand was the topic on the lips of many followers of fashion in the media and in popular culture.

There was a wild side to BOY London which probably gave it the sense of notoriety that followed it. Their catwalk shows were like none that had been seen before, infusing a wild and artistic nature to an event that had been for so long a relatively subdued affair.  ‘Club Boy’, the brands own nightclub opened up around the same time in the heart of France soon gaining a level of notoriety for what went on behind the walls which again created a buzz around the brand.

BOY had reached a level of notoriety and demand through the 80’s into the 90’s that it finally imploded.  Due to this insatiable demand, their list of International buyers hadn’t been stringent enough and it spiralled out of control resulting in the brand not being financially viable to keep going.  A love for the brand was kept alive on the underground scene and the hunt for original pieces of BOY London clothing in second hand shops, retro clothing shops and the likes was on. To find an original piece of BOY was an achievement.

In 2007 the brand was re-launched in conjunction with the launch of Stephane’s new store SICK, again based in London. Demand for the brand has hit fever pitch once again with the store stocking BOY London printed t-shirts, classic and collaboration pieces regularly selling out week upon week. BOY London clothing is back with a bang.


Famous Pieces of BOY London Clothing

Quite a number of iconic pieces are re-issued by the brand each season. Their printed Boy London t-shirts and vests are some of the most sought after by both sexes.  One of the most iconic pieces that has been around for decades is the BOY London cap adorned simply with the words ‘BOY’.  Worn in the past by Andy Warhol, Boy George and The Pet Shop Boys, the very same design has recently been worn by global music stars Rihanna and Wiz Khalifa.  Making a big impression on the fashion scene at the moment is the Boy London eagle designs, ranging from t-shirts and sweaters to skirts and leggings for the ladies.

Boy London Prints


Celebs Wearing Boy London

Many of the famous names that have been spotted wearing BOY London clothes have been covered above. In the past, Boy George, Chris Lowe and Andy Warhol all adorned the brand.  Rihanna in particular has been a big supporter of the brand. During an interview and performance on the Jonathan Ross Show, Rihanna wore a full Boy London outfit sporting the eagle design. This may have been an act of self promotion to a degree to coincide with the eagle tattoo that she had inked underneath her breasts around the same period. Jessie J is another musician that has worn the eagle designs of the Boy London collection.  The introduction of a BOY London beanie has been received really well and has been snapped on supermodel Cara Delevingne. Wiz Khalifa picked up a music award wearing his BOY London baseball cap.

 Pet Shop Boys

Boy London Video

This video from Youtube user BEINMOVIE is taken at the presentation of BOY London’s recent collection release. Warning: This video contains flashing images 



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