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Creative Recreation Brand Guide


Creative Recreation Guide

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An Introduction To Creative Recreation

Founded in Los Angeles, California in 2002, Creative Recreation is one of a handful of truly unique and innovative brands, who are pioneering freshly imagined designs in a time where trends are being set by the few and followed by the many. Creative Recreation was formed by two long term friends who both share the same passion for designing footwear, Robert Nand and Richard Confinco. Between them, the pair had become one of the driving forces behind the success of American street brand Vans, after helping them design a number of hugely successful styles. This experience helped to give them some of the best knowledge and expertise in the footwear industry- which they put to great use in creating their own visions of the footwear of the future. Whilst working with the infamous skate brand, Nand and Confinco made a startling realisation. The footwear market of the noughties was flooded with an overload of styles that were designed too specifically to match up with a precise look. The two friends noticed that the general offering was either a formal shoe for wearing with a suit or a smarter looking trouser, or an athletic trainer that was never going to look good for the typical guy on the street wearing jeans. Nand and Confinco also noticed a shift in modern style and culture. Things began to seem more relaxed, from the clothes people were pulling out of their wardrobes every day, to the way in which they socialised- they knew that whatever they developed had to be completely new. Shoe styles that followed in the footsteps of those that had come before simply would not cut it. As a result, they decided to form a footwear brand that would reflect this new lifestyle that so many were following, and Creative Recreation was born.

The brand started out selling in America, and became an instant hit. Aimed at young professionals who had a style that was entirely their own, Creative Recreation reached out to the people who left their suits at home to go to work, and relied on their own image to take control of their careers and destiny’s. Nand and Confinco carried on developing the brand for some years, travelling the world and taking their products with them. The two friends observed the different cultures they saw, and used them to influence their new designs, in an effort to make Creative Recreation an internationally desirable footwear brand.

Creative Recreation has always and still does combine only the best parts of all footwear genres. They provide the wearer with the comfort of a pair of sporting sneakers, whilst taking elements of formal wear, such as the high quality materials, and mixing them all together to create a hybrid style that you won’t find anywhere else. Since its conception in 2002, Creative Recreation has developed a huge range of footwear styles, all designed with the original brand purpose in mind. They have since become one of the ultimate life style brands, with their styles carrying a connotation and image all of their own. All of the styles remain stylish and original, with the same incredible level of imaginative design being carried out in very high quality materials to create a timeless style that not only reflects the wearer, but also their lifestyle.


Creative Recreation Trainers


Creative Recreation and Celebrities

With the help of some well placed styles and samples, Creative Recreation quickly developed a celebrity fan base, helping the brand to go viral and create a cult style following. The diversity of Creative Recreation is shown in the incredible list of celebrity endorsements the brand has inherited, which manages to transcend all generations and keep on trend no matter what.

Film stars such as Robert Downey Junior have been captured on film wearing Creative Recreations with fine tailoring- showing how the brands influences from formal footwear have fused into the look of some of their styles. On a more casual note, artists from LMFAO to WILL.I.AM have been spotted wearing Creative Recreations on stage, pairing them with anything from one piece jumpsuits, to jeans and leather jackets. Creative Recreation is also infamous in the world of professional footballers, with players ranging from England’s favourite Wayne Rooney to the now notorious Italian Mario Ballotelli owning a pair of Creative Rec’s.

Creative Recreation then, is a rarity in the way it can dissect so many different looks. Always on trend, and never out of place, a pair of Creative Recreation trainers will be one the most versatile footwear styles you will own


Creative Recreation Celebrities

 Creative Recreation Video

The following video taken from the Official Creative Recreation Youtube channel Spring Summer 2014.


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