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Cruyff Brand Guide


Cruyff Brand Guide

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An Introduction To Cruyff Footwear

Cruyff TrainersFew brands have the luxury of an instant claim to fame like that of footwear label Cruyff. Founded by a true legend and immortal figure of the beautiful game, Cruyff embodies everything that Dutch football and the player Johann Cruyff stood for: class, innovation and progress. Worn throughout some of football’s golden years by some of the most gifted and talented players the world has seen, Cruyff started life as a sports brand. Johann Cruyff had an illustrious career as a professional footballer. Starting at a young age, he signed for the Ajax academy in Holland on his tenth birthday.  Cruyff’s talents grew and grew, and it soon became clear that he was no ordinary footballer. He played as part of the era’s infamous ‘total football’ system, and became accredited as one of the masterminds behind its success. He was dubbed a genius by many, for his speed, vision, and pure talent for picking a pass.  However, he was also judged for being aloof and thinking that he was a gift to football. On the international stage, Cruyff famously snubbed a sponsorship deal from Adidas, and wore only two stripes on his shirt rather than the three stripes of his team mates, due to his own personal sponsorship deal with Puma. In his career, Cruyff had two spells at Ajax, and then went on to play at Barcelona where he made his name as a footballing genius, Los Angeles Aztecs, Levante and Feyenoord. He claimed the Dutch Footballer of the year award five times, and the Ballon d’Or three times, cementing his position as one of the games all time greats.
Following his playing career, Cruyff became a manager, taking control at Ajax, Barcelona, Catalonia and finally, Mexican club Chivas de Guadalajara.

Cruyffs's Popularity

The Cruyff classics sports brand was formed in 1979, with Johann wanting to create a shoe that would match the technical abilities of both himself and the modern footballer. He started by creating boots, which bore the now iconic Cruyff flash- a long curling C down the side of the boot. The Cruyff brand hit its peak in the 80’s, as the boots were adopted by some of the era’s greatest players; Vanenburg, Bergkamp and Van Basten.  Between them, the players created moments of magic on the pitch, and launched the Cruyff brand into the limelight of the footballing world. The Dutch Olympic football team wore Cruyff tracksuits to the 1988 Seoul Olympics, and the brand was set to become just as legendary as the man it took its name from.

The most famous and sought after boot of the Cruyff sports brand era was the Recopa. The narrow style and soft leather gave the wearer a feeling of supreme control. Cruyff wore the Recopa when he won one of his Dutch football player of the year awards, and Marco Van Basten became the Dutch league’s top scorer in a pair of Cruyff Recopa’s. Now some 34 years old, the Cruyff sports brand has turned its hand to creating casual footwear styles enthused with the impeccable genes of a strong history in sporting design and success. With a hugely distinctive style all of their own, Cruyff trainers manage to capture the spirit of the sport with a stylistic twist.  Each style carries a footballing connotation, whether it is in the design, or the detailing, such as Barcelona coloured tabbing.

The footballing DNA of Cruyff and Dutch flair flows through every pair of Cruyff classic trainers, with the Recopa being reborn and turned into a trainer for casual wear, not just the football field. Some styles retain the original Recopa badge, as well the flowing scribble of Johann Cruyff himself. Cruyff trainers design trademarks include the use of patent to add a sense of luxury to their ranges, as well as innovative paneled quilting and a huge colour palette.  A mix of materials ranging from mesh to suede and leather to patents ensure an eclectic blend of modern tweaks and classic designs.



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