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Dead Legacy Brand Guide

Dead Legacy Brand Guide

Manchester born brand, Dead Legacy, has taken the printed tees range by storm in the last few years since its creation.  Taking inspiration from different styles of music, art and cinema, this brand are not scared to show their individualism and are defiantly not influenced by seasons trends or the latest fad.

Dead Legacy Logo

The brands motto and ethos, ‘Doing it differently’ defiantly describe the type of clothing this brand produces. Founded in Manchester, they clearly take inspiration from the city’s ‘rock and roll scene’, visibly consuming creativeness from this music scene, comprising of bands like Oasis, Stone Roses, The Rolling Stones and The Who.


Dead Legacy Influences

Dead legacy’s strong values of independence and individuality are the central elements of the brands identity and character.  Mainly producing printed tees and belts, Dead legacy are growing from strength to strength with the following of the young, style conscious individuals who embrace the rock and rock culture and the modern music scene.  Having worked with a number of personalities since its creations, it brand continues to be based in the city to help capture the mancunian culture and transfer that to the tees.

This season’s collections once again fail to disappoint.  Continuing to take influence from its surrounding, dead legacy have produced some of their best pieces to date. They have been kicked into 2012 with vintage - inspired prints and statement slogans,  but the rock and roll feel of the city is still visible.

Dead Legacy Clothing

Humour, seduction and popular brand and logos are a main theme running throughout these seasons’ collections, including coca cola, famous album covers and American models. Perfect for the warmer summer months, teamed with chino, Jeans or shorts, these tees will defiantly get you noticed.

Many footballers and celebrities alike have been snapped wearing this product, instantly making this a recognisable brand throughout the fashionable menswear collections. For example,  footballers James Beattie, Billy Sharp, Chris Smalling and Ben Amos.

Dead LEgacy Celebrities

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