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Dr Denim Brand Guide

Dr Denim Band Guide

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Dr Denim is a famous and respected Swedish brand in the world of denim. Known for their ability to re-work denim to give them modern wearable look, Dr Denim are here to stay in the world of fashion.

Dr Denim Logo

The Graah brothers, Johannes and Alexander, took inspiration from a jean factory after their visit in 1986. The smell, feel, tempo and the denim had a massive impact on the pair, and from that day they knew what they wanted to do, to make a change to the face of denim. This visit would change their lives forever, the love at first sight experience really got the ball rolling for their company, and this ball has never really stopped.

On 14th July 2004, Dr Denim was officially born. Using the passion and knowledge which they gained at the initial jean factory visit, and in the years after this, they were able to create a brand which re-worked and re-modelled denim for the wearable look.

The brothers main influence for starting the brand is the sun.

‘Every major step in Dr Denim’s history is connected to the steamy temperatures. The sun beams on the company like a spotlight – and that’s no coincidence.  This is Science’
-    Taken from ‘ A Matter of Life and Denim’.

The brand hasn’t been around long, but they have managed to put their name firmly on the map for denim work and don’t plan on going nowhere anytime soon.

Dr Denim Clothing

Dr Denim always listens to its own feelings. Things have to feel right, or there’s just no sense in continuing. It’s also important not to try to force feelings that aren’t there. Feelings must be Genuine.
        -Taken from ‘A Matter of Life and Denim’.

The process that goes into a garment by Dr Denim is long and painstaking task, to give the customer the best possible outcome.
•    A collection of materials, sketches, patterns, photos, descriptions, thread, everything that is needed to describe the jeans are sent to the factory.
•    The factory then uses this information to create a prototype which is sent back to Dr Denim for examination.
•    Dr Denim crew test the products and note any adjustments.
•    Prototypes sent back to factory, adjustments made, and collection is sewn for exhibition and trade fairs etc.
•    Final testing, adjustments and fine tuning.
•    Production

The tag line, ‘Denim nerds’ which the brand has been giving is well justified. Perfection and attention to detail are key to the success of Dr Denim.

Dr Denim Clothing Brand