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Evisu Brand Guide

Evisu Brand Guide

An Introduction to Evisu


EVISU Jeans is the first collectable denim brand in the world, big statement but these are true words said by Evisu themselves. Evisu Jeans are a premium denim brand founded back in 1991 in Osaka Japan and is named after the Japanese God of Prosperity. The Brands big name and meaning matches its street presence and foothold in the market today. Evisu plays a huge role in the history of denim, the brand that started the worldwide "Replica Movement" which in turn, birthed the premium denim category we know today as said by Evisu themselves. In the 21 years of business they have experienced phenomenal growth and global success with the brand staying true to its roots to Quality and Authenticity and Humor and Irreverence.

YAMANE the designer was trained as a tailor, with an impulsive passion for all things vintage. His views on the mass-produced modern version of jeans led him to the vintage clothing import business. This revelation made Yamane start putting together the elements that were required to reproducing vintage-style jeans. His mission was to gathering an array of machinery needed in order to make authentic vintage jeans once again. This method had not been used in over 40 years so was a major decision and fashion forward change needed for the jeans world. This decision has paved the way to the legendary denim that Evisu is world renowned for today. Yamane himself started the production line off with initially only 14 pairs of jeans a day, personally hand painting the famous seagull logo on each and every one. EVISU was named after the Japanese god of prosperity Evisu, the playfully portrayed of this god is now used as the jeans patch on all Evisu jeans. The brand name Evisu was chosen with close reference to Yamane’s loves in life . . . fishing and money. He says ‘the others being beer, women and golf’ - in no particular order. Evisu was more a labour of love than a commercial venture at first he didn’t go into this venture in thinking it would become the phenomenally renowned for its designs and growth for its vintage made jeans. Evisu is one of the largest jeans brand in the market today because it managed to capture the imagination for the detail-obsessed Japanese fashion crowed and reviving the interest and love for vintage denim spreading around the world.

Evisu Brand

Evisu Clothing

Evisu Brand Clothing


Evisu Spring/ Summer Looks for 2012

Evisu Spring/Summer

This selection of imagery shows the use of artwork related to the Evisu Brand, their renowned Evisu Badge Logo and Brand Logo that appears on every pair of Evisu Vintage Jeans and each individual piece of Evisu Clothing. Here you can see some of the trade mark details typical in every pair of Evisu Jeans. EVISU's relentless pursuit of productions of the highest quality has become a deeply rooted brand's mission, consolidating EVISU's position as a classic in the history of denim wear.

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Evisu Clothing Jeans

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