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Levis Brand Guide

Levi's Brand Guide

An Introduction to Levi's

Levi, is the name that has been dominating and leading the way in innovative jeans and denim wear for years. With their new collections coming out every season, Levi is still at the forefront of the denim world and shows no signs of fading. 

1873 was the birth year of the ‘blue jeans’. This came through the fact the California Gold Rush was well under way and everyday items were in very short supply. The German, Levi Strauss, moved from New York to San Francisco to open a dry goods store, where a man asked what he was selling, in which Levi told him about his material which could be used for wagon covers and tents, as its rough canvas texture was perfect for this type of use. The man replied ‘you should have brought pants!’. He continued to explain he couldn’t find a strong pair of pants which would last. This gave Levi a market and the ideas and development began, which established the recognized and renowned Denim Brand.

Levi's Clothing History

Levi Strauss and joined forces with tailor Jacob Davies to produce the first denim riveted men’s work trousers, named the ‘blue jeans’, boasting the pocket stitch detail.
The types of people to wear these trousers were all types of labours, in particular minors.  These ‘jeans’ were not pants for the wealthy, well-off business men, they were designed for the everyday wear and tear of the working class man.

Over the years the company grew, but throughout the 1960’s and the mid 70’s they experienced the most development and progression to date. This was due to a number of reasons, mainly the introduction of the more casual look of that era, which in turn steered the blue jeans to the forefront of fashion to create the ‘blue jeans craze’.

Many styles and fits have been produced and developed, but the original fit is the Levis 501. All other jeans are derived from this fit. These jeans are the classic blue jeans cut, sitting even on your waist with no low cut. They are not too baggy and not too slim. Levi has created a range of other fits from these originals, adding and subtracting denim to create different cuts and styles.

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