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Luke 1977 Brand Guide

Luke 1977 Brand Guide

An Introduction to Luke 1977

Luke 1997 Clothing is an innovative clothing brand created by Luke Roper.  This smart yet laid back style has a tight distribution policy, selectively choosing its retailers and Aphrodite is proud to say we are one of them.

Luke 1977 Logo

Luke Roper, the man behind the creation of the brand, first had the idea for Luke when he was a 12 year old boy. His love of fashion and clothes has helped him develop this idea from in his head into a British Designer Menswear Company. He took inspiration from everybody who surrounded him so this is defiantly a people’s brand.

The overall brand that is Luke 1977 ticks all the boxes for their target market, from a gentleman, to the modern day young lad, a working class hero and a little bit of rogue thrown in there for good measure.  This is s universal brand which father and son can both enjoy.
Luke is recognised worldwide for its interpretations of traditional clothing, incorporating the edgy look combined with contemporary design, detail and precision which Luke is famous for.

Luke 1977 Clothing

This Seasons Collection combines subtle colours, along with the brighter traditional pieces from Luke giving the Spring/Summer feeling throughout. A range of T-Shirts, Polo’s, Shirts, Shorts and Jackets come together perfectly to complete this collection.

The traditional contrasting panelling which Luke is renowned for makes its appearance on the majority of garments, adding to the edgy urban feel.

Bringing you the ideal summer wardrobe, Luke 1977 is defiantly not a brand to be missed this season.

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