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Natural Selection Brand Guide

Natural Selection Brand Guide

Natural Selection are a relatively new denim brand.  Inspired unsurprisingly by Charles Darwins theory of evolution, the brand have their own ideology about denim. The core philosophy behind Natural Selection is the natural evolution of denim.  From the breaking in of a pair of raw denim jeans to the vintage washes that are available, each pair of jeans will embark upon it's own evolutionary journey and will have it's own individual appearance.

Again referincing Darwin, the guys at Natural Selection embrace the idea that the strongest will survive. This is one of the selling points that they use to sell their premium range denim. Using Japanese and Italian selvedge denim, the brand are using what is widely recognised as the best denim available and hopefully it will provide the consumer with a pair of jeans that will stand the test of time.  They also use cutting edge techniques to create authentic looking washes and produce denim that everyone would be proud to wear.

With the emergence of so many premium line denim collections appearing on the market over the last few years, Natural Selection have had their work cut out to set them apart from their rivals.  They try very hard to incorporate a good fit with a nice style of jeans along with the best quality denim to achieve their goal.  The guys that created the brand use their love for denim to inspire them to create the best jeans possible.

Small details such as buttons having GOTS (Guardians of the Standard) embossed are an example of detail that has gone into the jeans.  The delta belt loop is a masonic symbol which they use. The swing tags on the jeans have punch holes in them which make them look like clock in cards.  Some of the stitching gives the appearance of a continuous stitch throughout.  The pheasant patch which adorns the rear patch is a link to aristocracy and wealth.  Piping in the pocket has been placed there to add to the speed in which the denim ages.  These minor details might not be instantly noticable but adds to the overall time and effort that goes into the jeans.

Some of the most exclusive stores in the country are now stocking Natural Selection and there are plans in the pipeline to push the brand into the European, Asian and American markets.  Natural Selection shows no signs of weakness in the survival of the strongest.