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Sandqvist Bags Brand Guide


Sandqvist Bags Brand Guide

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Sandqvist Bags

Recent years have seen the cold climates and bleak scenery of Scandinavia have become the stomping ground of some of the worlds most sought after and fashionably modern brands. With its rugged landscape, from snow caps to open seas, Scandinavia ties in with every connotation that is bestowed upon it; utilitarian, cold, rugged and purposeful.,With labels such as J.lindeberg and Nudie Jeans creating a stir by using their deep rooted Northern European origins to inspire collections that have proven to be an international hit time and time again, the spotlight is searching for the next big thing to emerge from what is fast becoming one of the most influential parts of the world for fashion. Perhaps one of the most exciting labels to come out of Scandinavia, accessory brand Sandqvist looks set to steal the limelight as one of the areas hottest brands.

Based in Sweden’s fashion forward hub, Stockholm, Sandqvist became a reality from one mans vision for modern, simple elegance. Following designing and personally crafting a tote bag to transport his laptop to work, local man Anton Sandqvist gained the applaud and attention of his work colleagues. Using this boost in confidence, he went on to found his self titled brand in 2004. The first ever Sandqvist bag rolled off of an old industrial sewing machine, after Anton had been joined in his new start up business by his brother, Daniel, and an old childhood friend, Sebastien.

Sandqvist has always stood for substance over style. From that very first tote bag, to the collection that is available now, this quirky label has always remained true to its original principles. However, stating that Sandqvist opts for quality over fashionable design doesn’t do justice to the beauty and craft that lies within the simplistic class behind each point. By using unique materials, such as vegetable tanned leathers, organic cotton canvas, opposed to textiles that are produced on a mass scale, Sandqvist craft intimate pieces that have an unmistakable stamp of quality.


Sandqvist's Inspiration and Popularity

The minimalist design behind his styles is a self confessed deliberation of Anton Sandqvist, stating that his bags are designed for people in the city, who appreciate and desire the quiet and understated details in the items they own. His minimalist theory stretches far beyond his chic designs. Anton Sandqvist has always been a believer in providing his goods at the best possible price, without compromising on any of the quality that his styles have become renowned for. As a result, Sandqvist don’t indulge in the normal hugely expensive marketing drives that many mainstream brands construct. They keep things plain and simple, letting their products do the talking, trusting that word of mouth will help to keep their prices right for their customers.

Taking the majority of their inspiration from the landscape that creates the country of Sweden, Sandqvist’s designs represent the vast, Nordic spaces within the country with their uncomplicated designs. Minute details, such as patched logos and leather buckles give this label an extra touch of class that effortlessly ties into the impressively functional designs that all Sandqvist products carry.

This unique brand from Sweden seem to have managed their representation perfectly, as their reliance upon their own style and quality to gain them applaud seems to have paid off. Achieving huge coverage in some of the world’s most fashionable publications has rocketed Sandqvist from the small bag company from Stockholm, to a desirably niche crafter of some of the most sought after accessories going. Helped along the way by some of the internet’s most style savvy fashion blogs, Sandqvist has developed its very own reputation as the buzz world of the Swedish fashion scene.

Venturing beyond their comfort zone of creating acutely designed and functional luggage, Sandqvist have collaborated with some top Swedish brands and names, furthering their foothold in the public eye and gaining themselves some well deserved attention. From collections with denim brands to create bags that feature indigo denim and Sandqvist’s trademark leather strapping, to teaming up with Swedish celebrity chef Niklas Ekstedt to design a range of limited edition aprons, Sandqvist know no boundaries to which their creativity goes.

Sandqvist is unique in the manner that it has successfully translated the Scandinavian outdoor spirit, using impeccably high quality materials to craft their beautifully simplistic designs. From soft leathers to hard wearing canvas, Sandqvist stands for quality and urban style that always has the reflection of the sparse nature of Northern Europe embossed upon it.

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