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Saucony Brand Guide

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An Introduction To Saucony

One of a diverse new wave of brands sprung from an elite sporting heritage, the transfer from the track’s and field’s of America, to high streets all over the world comes easy to trainer brand Saucony. Enjoying a huge boom in popularity, largely thanks to the UK fashion scene’s recent street wear revolution, Saucony have ridden the sneaker freak wave, bringing retro vintage running styles into the wardrobes of the modern man, thanks to their hugely famed Saucony Originals collection

Born in America, Saucony holds true a great variety of traditional American production values. Like so many brands from the United States that have stood the test of time, Saucony sticks to its routes when it comes to making trainers, infusing the same level of quality, originality and innovation into every pair. The history of Saucony is a novel American success story. Their First factory opened in 1898, founded by four business men at Kutztown, Pennsylvania, on the banks of the Saucony River. They first started out in the footwear industry by creating shoes for children, labeling them under the brand name which they drew from their surroundings.

A few short years later in 1910, a Russian immigrant by the name of Abraham Hyde started a shoe company in Cambridge, Massachusetts- coining it “Hyde Athletic Industries”. He also opened a store- “A.R. Hyde & Sons”, and began to sell ‘carpet slippers’ made from rug remnants. Hyde soon began to rival Saucony in size and scale, and became hugely successful at a much quicker rate than the small shoe brand from Pennsylvania. During its expansion, Hyde began producing everything from ice skates, to baseball shoes, roller skates and bowling shoes. Hyde became infamous for designing and producing athletic footwear brands such as PF Flyers and SpotBilt, some of which are still going strong today. The brand even made boots for the American Army during World War Two, and the boots which were worn by the first American to walk in space.

Time passed, and the two factories both continued to produce quality sporting footwear, but in the late 1960’s, Hyde bought out Saucony, and moved all of their production to their own factories in Cambridge. At the time, America had begun to undergo a sporting evolution, as health and fitness became more prominent, and a wider range of sports became much more accessible to the masses. Following this influx in sporting participation, Saucony became recognised by a small group of serious American runners, and was the subject of a closely kept secret for ten years. The brand was spotted by a US magazine, and was given an award for quality and innovation. The resulting popularity sky rocketed Saucony to national status.  Hyde Athletic Industries rode the wave of sporting interest that the Americans had created, and as a result, Saucony became their most successful and prominent brand in the 1990’s. Seizing the initiative, and using this achievement, Hyde Athletic Industries officially changed their name and rebranded their entire company as Saucony.

Saucony Grid 9000

Why Saucony?

Throughout its illustrious history, Saucony has been at the forefront of trainer technology that we take for granted today. They developed the first technical walking shoe, created the first trainer that offers midsole stability and cushioning, and invented the first molded dual density sole; hugely increasing wearer comfort. Saucony rose to fame through their innovative lines of athletic running shoes- styles which they still produce today, as well as their spikes for track runners. Saucony believed then, and still instill today that everything they do is aimed to improve anybody and everybody’s run. The brand grew from a cult brand, which was protected and revered by a handful of runners, to an international label, being pulled on by runners all over the world.

It is with this vein that Saucony was inspired to create the Saucony Originals collection, a range of sneakers designed with a casual sporting aesthetic to match up to any every day outfit. Developed in a huge array of colour ways, Saucony use their iconic meandering logo on the side of all their trainers, in order to replicate the Saucony River and pay homage to the brands organic origins. Finished in a diverse range of materials, ranging from brushed suede to smooth leathers and breathable mesh, Saucony trainers are completed by the small details, like flecked soles and intimate brand logoing. This collection includes styles that were hugely important to Saucony, including the Jazz O, the best selling Saucony of all time. Paying homage to this authentic American sneaker brand gives effortless style, supreme comfort and undoubted quality to your wardrobe.

Saucony Shadow Original


Saucony Styles That We Stock

Currently at Aphrodite we stock the every popular Saucony Shadow Original as well as the eyecatching Saucony Grid 9000 sneakers.  Both styles are at the forefront of innovation and comfort, revered around the world with fans of sneakers.  The more muted colours of the Shadow Original would love great with maybe a pair of shorts or joggers and would make a great casual trainer shoe.  The Grid 9000 sneakers work well with a pair of jeans, maybe teaming them with a t-shirt/sweater and baseball cap.


Saucony Progrid Video

The following video from the Saucony official Youtube channel highlights the Progrid technology built into some of their running shoes.  Although we don't have any Saucony shoes featuring the Progrid technology, it gives you an insight into the technological advancements made into running by Saucony.



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