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True Religion Brand Guide

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An Introduction To True Religion Jeans

One of the few original premium denim brands left in the fashion world, True Religion brand jeans is now not only an iconic producer of timeless denim, but also the result of a real life ‘American dream’. Loved the world over by the everyday wearer, as well as A-list celebrities, True Religion has represented quality, comfort and typical American production values since the very first pair left the sewing machine. Every piece of clothing that carries the True Religion logo houses a unique vintage aesthetic, and draws inspiration from an iconic era for fashion design- the 1970’s. Made instantly recognisable by their thick stitching and horse shoe shaped back pocket design, as well as the True Religion Buddha on the belt patch, True Religion heralds from the worlds premium denim capital, Los Angeles. With other denim houses like 7 For All Man Kind and J.Brand operating from the same city, True Religion is in good company, and keeps a majority of its denim production on US soil, to safe guard the quality and authenticity it has become famed for intact.


Founded in December 2002 by Jeffrey Lubell, True Religion’s eclectic mix of vintage styles reborn with a modern edge has made Lubell an ingenious designer who remains the chairman and CEO of the brand he conceived and developed with his own fair hands.
Making jeans is nothing new to Lubell. He spent his childhood growing up in New York, where he spent his spare time personalising his favourite jeans-from bleaching the pair of bell bottom’s he wore every day, to repairing tears and rips with leather patches and extra pieces of contrasting denim. The young Lubell took nearly everything in his wardrobe and made it his own; he drew his favourite album covers onto his jackets and finished seams with hand embroidered patterns. Lubell started life working in textiles, developing materials in an American mill, before he grew an obsession for denim and made the bold move into producing jeans. He had a concept in his head, which he developed with his own hands through his sewing machine.

True Religion characteristics that still exist today were born there and then, and still feature heavily in every True Religion jeans collection- thick threading, finished in a multitude of colours, as well as lock seams and leather detailing can be found on a host of styles.
True Religion’s start in the fashion world was pain staking. The styles that Lubell designed were radical and outlandish, and it was widely believed that the brand would fail, due to the denim designs being too loud with their rock and roll attitude.
Lubell persevered, and eventually, one specialist denim store in Los Angeles, America, agreed to take the brand on board. It was famed that Lubell made a pair of jeans for every member of staff at the store, knowing that the innovative fit of his jeans would sell better when seen on the body, than on the shelf.  The store sold out of all their True Religion jeans within two weeks, and the True Religion success story begun.


Lubell had a vision which he has seen through to the end with huge success. When he set out, he wanted to create a denim brand with which people would use to set their own trends, not follow those of others.  The results have been huge, with True Religion now offering a diverse range of fits, from straight legs, to loose, skinny and boot cut, there is a True Religion jean to fit anyone who wants to flaunt their own style with the help of a 70’s infused high quality jean.

True Religion and celebrities

Not surprisingly, True Religion has become an instant hit with a broad range of celebrities, from film stars such as Hallie Berrie, Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie, to singers like Jennifer Lopez and Peter Andre and even sports star David Beckham being photographed wearing True Religion jeans.

The fantastic detailing and timeless fit of a pair of True Religion jeans has made whoever wears them, from A-list celebrities, to the everyday guy on the street fall in love with them. This pays testament to the pain staking work that goes into every pair. Still finished by hand, there is no other jean out there that can rival how easily a pair of True Religion jeans can make any style you’re going for look good.

True Religion has now evolved into a lifestyle brand which offers much more than just jeans-offering everything from knitwear to denim inspired sportswear in the form of True Religion tracksuits, every piece of True Religion clothing carries the brands heady mix of nostalgia and class.

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