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YMC Brand Guide


YMCBrand Guide

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An Introduction To YMC ('You Must Create')

"You Must Create" or more commonly, YMC, are a British brand formed in 1995 that are very quickly becoming a staple in mens fashion, consistently producing vibrant yet versatile collections that illuminate the every day mans wardrobe perfectly. Created by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins,

With initial inspiration from workwear, the football terraces of the early 80's and the traditional look of American and British military uniform, YMC has consistently shown its class since its relatively recent conception. YMC takes pride on providing its wearers with an ethos that reminds them that they are defined as much by what they are against as to what they are for and it is this idea that has made YMC stand out against its rivals in such hard times. In a time where many brands are focusing on following trends to remain apparent, YMC thrives on going against this idea and conforming to an idea that form follows function, resulting in a brand that produces versatile pieces that will no doubt stand the test of time, thanks to a simple yet apparent styling seen on all of YMC's pieces.

In a world where extravagant brands are teamed with extravagant designers who are constantly in the face of the public, YMC doesn't do this and chooses to stay behind the scenes and behind the curtain, constantly researching into different and fabrics that revolutionise the every day mans wardrobe like no other brand does.

YMC Seasonal Collections

Something that stands out throughout YMC season after season is their ability to take produce relatively simple designs and cuts, reproducing them with a distinct YMC touch without putting their logo all over. You'll never see YMC's logo apart from in the neck label, yet a YMC is instantly recognisable thanks to their unique approach. Floral detailing on shirts and t-shirts throughout the summer months are complimented by more toned colours and styles for the winter months. This further emphasises YMC as a brand, where they let their clothing do the talking in its appearance and form, as opposed to simply relying on their "brand" to sell their clothing. Only the finest cottons and other materials are used in the production of everything YMC push out and this reinforces the idea that YMC focuses on function before anything else.

Since beginning nearly 20 years ago, YMC has managed to build a dedicated following of like minded individuals who can relate to what YMC is offering as a brand and as a business; going against the rising tide of tacky arrogance and consistent mediocrity. YMC always strives to create well tailored yet understated garments that use more hidden details that only the wearer can relate to in order to maintain an ethos and mission that they are currently successfully completing.


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