10 of the Worst Football Strips of All Time

10 of the Worst Football Strips of All Time

The football season has started again in earnest, and with it come swathes of fans representing their side by sporting the team colours. Football kits are important to the game as a whole; they not only have to embody the team and their history, but also the legions of dedicated fans that follow them.  So spare a thought for the designers behind these kits: we’re not entirely sure exactly what they were going for with this selection of bright, bizarre and sometimes nauseating strips.

Hull City – 1993

Okay, so the team’s nickname is the Tigers, but this extremely literal take is inexcusable.

Nottingham Forest – 1995-97

The shade of yellow is bad enough, but the weird Microsoft Paint hieroglyphics on the shoulders take this to another level entirely.

Manchester United – 1992/3
The faux tie-dye look and needlessly huge logo make this look like a dodgy knock-off, but someone was (presumably) paid actual money to design this.

Brighton & Hove Albion – 1991
For when you want your team to look like a delicious platter of parma ham on away days.

Huddersfield Town – 1991
Another faux tie-dye job, this one’s so bad it’s almost good? Maybe I’m just half-blind by this point.

Norwich FC – 1995
Like the worst fever-dream of a pub carpet designer. Hideous.

England – Euro ’96
An absolute legend of horrendous strip design, this was mercifully only worn for two matches.

Sunderland AFC – 1994-96
Couldn’t leave our home team off the list. Believe it or not, this bizarre design lasted two whole seasons before its demise. Again, a little torn as to whether this one is awful or brilliant.

Celtic FC – 1991-92
Celtic have one of the most recognisable home strips around, which makes this drab, zig-zag catastrophe all the more inexplicable.

Wycombe Wanderers – 2017/18
Proving that nauseating design isn’t a concept consigned to the early-to-mid 90s, the League Two side present this magic eye/kaleidoscope monstrosity for the new season, ready to traumatise a new generations of football fans.

Have we left any out? Share your own nightmare kits in the comments below or on our social media channels.

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