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2 Unforgettable Summer Nights Back In The 90’s

Be taken back to Sunday 11th August 1996, a clammy Sunday evening in a massive muddy field with “The Swamp Song” blasting over the speakers while the anticipation builds around the 125,000 strong crowd. The smell of beer and mud mixed with Lynx can be smelt everywhere, while plastic pint glasses are strewn across the grass in between adidas trainers. Any Oasis fan will know this as the weekend that made history, 2 consecutive nights at Knebworth park. Playing to 250,000 people over the 2 nights, this was a bench mark set for other bands and artists to hit and cemented the bands status as Britain’s biggest band at the time. Seeing oasis in concert during the mid-90’s was a right to passage for many teenagers, so this was a must have ticket.

Oasis Knebworth

10 facts about Oasis’ gig at Knebworth that you might not have known

  1. Noel cannot remember a thing about it – and as the saying goes, if you can remember Britpop then you weren’t there!
  2. 5 million people applied for tickets – which is more than 4% of the UK population
  3. According to eye witness descriptions there was thought to be around 7000 people on the guest list
  4. VIPs were given their own Oasis branding binoculars – Just think about that for a moment…. The VIP circle was at the front, so a little ironic really.
  5. It took 3000 crew members to stage the concert.
  6. The concert had its own radio station called Radio Supernova
  7. Over the 2 days there was only 10 arrests
  8. One Oasis member thought the band should have split up after the gig – mentioning no names *Paul Bonehead*
  9. The bands “support” acts included The Chemical Brothers, Ocean Colour Scene, Manic Street Preachers and the Prodigy
  10. The mammoth event was 21 years ago

“I wasn’t surprised Knebworth happened that quickly [two-and-a-half years after signing off the dole]. I thought it would have happened a lot quicker. I knew we were going to be massive; it was just a matter of time. There were no nerves for me leading up to the shows. I don’t get nervous. If you get nervous you shouldn’t be doing it. What’s there to be nervous about? One hundred and twenty-five thousand people there to give you love?” -Liam Gallagher

With the recent release of Supersonic before Christmas – An in-depth look at the life and music of Manchester-based rock band, Oasis, GQ managed to get an exclusive interview with Noel and Liam. Read the full article over on GQ.

Where you at the gig or can you remember listening to it on the radio? Comment below and let us know your memories on the 2 unforgettable summer nights.

Get the Gallagher Look

Liam and Noel Gallagher’s fashion sense has somewhat changed over the years, mainly maturing, but keeping some of the staples like the iconic Parka and polo shirts. With their style and attitude, the Gallagher’s were seen as somewhat of fashion icons in the 90’s and the bands firm following still take fashion tips from Liam and Noel. Sightings of the pair can be seen on Instagram and Twitter for fans to replicate the look.

The brit pop era celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, and with that came a revival in some of the classics which have been making their way back on the fashion scene over the last few years – some have never gone (Fred Perry polo shirts for example).

Firstly both brothers like a good polo shirt, Liam can be seen wearing Fred Perry in the Oasis heyday and Noel now opts for Stone Island.



Next comes jackets. Over the years the lads have come to love a good Parka. Liam still opts for a Parka, below he can be seen sporting a Stone Island Parka while Noel tends to stick to a more laid back sporty look with the likes of CP Company.

Liam and Noel Gallagher


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