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5 Things To Do During-Self Isolation

With the effects of Coronavirus being felt worldwide many of us may find ourselves spending a lot more time at home. Whilst it can be easy to let the overwhelming gravity of the situation begin to weigh you down and allow the upheaval in routine to displace well-formed habits, there are some things which you could do to bring about some beneficial influence into your daily life. It’s true what they say, small efforts can have big impacts which is why, to give you a starting block to build upon, we’ve pulled together an isolation itinerary of five things you can do whilst we all do our bit during the quarantine.

Clean your sneakers

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life the upkeep of our footwear can often get shifted towards the bottom of the priority list. Whether you’re adamant that they look better, ‘beat up’ or guilty of relentlessly putting the task off, this substantial increase of time spent indoors could be the perfect time to treat some of even your rotations longest serving members to a well needed, and long overdue, helping of TLC.

Not only will the process give you a gleaming arsenal of trainers to choose from for those first steps back out into the great outdoors but regular maintenance helps with the longevity and prevents the build up of nasty smells, stains and discolouration. If you’re looking for a starting point we recently made a video guide detailing step-by-step how to bring even the most tired pairs back from the brink and we have a huge selection of cleaning products up for grabs from Jason Markk, Crep protect and Sneakers ER for you to experiment with. Who knows, in the manic landscape we currently find ourselves in, you may even find the process somewhat cathartic.

Re-wax jackets

Of course its not just the footwear that could be due some some well needed attention, now could also be the ideal time to revitalise any wax jackets you have at your disposal. Similarly this can also be a task we may find ourselves procrastinating over, but the truth is regular re-waxing can go a long way in not only retaining your jackets quality but improving its practicality, durability and weather resistance.

Despite waxed cotton being one of the most robust fabrics used in clothing it can with repeated wear start to become dried out in areas of regular abrasion, such as armpits, pockets and creases leading to not only a change in the overall look of the garment but decreased levels of functionality. In short, when looked after correctly your jacket should see you through years of service and for those of us in possession of a Barbour garment, you can not only find just the wax for the job here but read our re-waxing guide.

Organise wardrobe

Organising your wardrobe is a great way to freshen up an area and clear out some space indoors. Through the simple act of spending some time to take stock of the clothing that you own, you can clear out unwanted garments, discover forgotten gems and possibly even make some money in the process. Whether it’s the satisfaction of regimentation you crave or the ability to concisely weigh up pairing options, clearing out your wardrobe can also lead to more conscious consumption habits, allowing you to make more informed choices to fill gaps in your outfitting and build your wardrobe around foundational key pieces.

Of course we would always recommend choosing eco-friendly and sustainable options to dispose of your unwanted clothing or footwear such as selling, recycling or charity shop donation.

Begin or maintain an exercise routine

Despite being stuck inside it is important to still look after ourselves and either focus on maintaining previously established routines or taking the first steps toward putting them in place. With gyms closed and a good number of us left without equipment now more than ever its easy to exchange regular exercise for an extended Netflix session but it’s important to remember that staying mobile can be a great way to boost positive feelings, release pent up energy and ensure our bodies fill up on the required psychical activity they need to stay fit. A quick online search will reveal any number of workout plans, nutritional information and advice with anything from HIIT, bodyweight and even live streamed classes on offer to work up a sweat in the confines of your familiar four walls.

Start your passion project

Do you find yourself with a more time on your hands during self-isolation? Ever dreamed of becoming an artist? Learning the guitar? Or do you want to get really good at making a curry? Well now is the perfect time! With many of lifes social aspects out the window that pipe dream passion project has never seemed so tantalisingly close. By applying that new found wiggle room in your schedule you could open yourself up to the opportunity you’ve been looking for to sink some hours into mastering a new skill. No matter what it is or how insignificant it seems honing your craft can be a great way to turn negatives into positives and challenge yourself day to day.


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