A Guide to Wearing Casual Sportswear

A Guide to Wearing Casual Sportswear

So, it’s not exactly new news, but if you haven’t already heard it is now acceptable to wear your casual sportswear clothing out in public, in social places! Yes, you heard that right, this trend has been coming out the woodwork for two years now and we are here to give you that little bit guidance on how to ace this trend.

Now this doesn’t mean the clothing you laze on the couch with covered in stains! You still have to put some thought into this. But don’t worry we have cut it down into simple sections and even better we have selected a few of our favorite pieces.

Let me start by telling you, although it is casual sportswear it doesn’t mean everything must be exclusively sports labeled brands, even designer brands are flaunting their inner sportiness.


Starting from the basics with a simple tee, any block colour will work fine, even throw in a graphic front to mix it up a bit. Feeling a bit cold don’t want a jacket? Try a sweatshirt, a different option instead of a hoody. Again, like the t shirt, block colours work best but we always make exceptions for a good graphic logo front!
A decent polo doesn’t go a miss either long or short sleeve mix it up in bold colours, or go for a more subtle monochrome both work and they look great under a bomber jacket.

Jackets & Hoodies

An essential piece for your outfit is your outerwear. Start with the base of your outfit, what colour is your bottoms or your top? This is a good start to match colours or if you’re feeling bold add a pop of colour. Try not to add more and more colours though as you don’t want to look like a walking rainbow!
The bomber jacket is a great go to especially how they tend to come in a wide range of colours and they are a perfect match with a pair of slim fit joggers.
Hoodies have got to be the holy grail of casual sportswear, the comfiest piece of clothing possibly out there and it fits in with our trend. Now ditch your old scraggy hoody, you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle so opt for something clean and crisp.
Finally, we love a track top, the ideal candidate to layer with. Now don’t worry no running has to be involved wearing these! There are the heavier track jackets like Fred Perry and adidas which go great layered with a plain polo, or think Nike if you’re going for a thinner style. They have the Windrunner series which are great for adding a pop of colour to your outfit.


Ok, so time for bottoms, I think this is the easiest to style, you have two options joggers or shorts. Starting with joggers we love a slim fit jogger it’s just effortlessly cool, comfy and gives off a sophisticated look. But don’t shrug off a baggy jogger these are great for a more relaxed fit and look equally as good. Black, grey or navy are good starting points, try stick for a classic style with cuffed bottoms to show of your sneaks.
Now for shorts, it’s simple just go for a standard style jogger short, classic and casual the perfect exchange for joggers on a hot day.


Last but not least, the final step to creating your casual sportswear outfit. Now don’t skip this step and put any old trainers on, you have got this far don’t ruin it now, they are equally as important so carefully think this one through! Black and white are going to be your best bet if your struggling to match but this is also the part of your outfit where you don’t actually have to be so subtle so go daring if you want to.
As long as your sneakers are clean you have already won. Gone are the days of mucky trainers.

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