Adam Richman Wears Pretty Green On His New Show

Adam Richman Wears Pretty Green

Pretty Green Adam Richman


The man is a living legend to countless food junkies who have tuned into his television shows such as ‘Man Vs Food’, resulting in them salivating uncontrollably as he tucks in to his latest huge feast. After spending years scouring the globe for some of the best food that you can find, Adam Richman is now seeking out some of the best kept secrets in the food world in his new show ‘Man Finds Food’, searching for the best food from America’s hidden menu’s.

It seems though that Richman has now found one of Britains best kept secrets as he has been snapped on various occasions wearing Pretty Green. He has since tweeted declaring his love for Pretty Green, the clothing label established by Liam Gallagher of Oasis fame. The brand is a firm favourite with the regular Aphrodite customers and is beginning to reach out globally to fans all around the world.

If you, like Richman, are a fan of Pretty Green then you can take a look at our full range of current stock over on the Aphrodite website right now

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