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adidas G.S Shoes

adidas G.S Shoes : A Return To The Fold

Along with big hair, punk rock, and rap music, we also have the ‘80s to thank for extremely cool sports shoes. It was during this era that adidas began rejuvenating its tennis lineup, offering professional payers the G.S silhouette to tackle gameplay in superior style. 

The sneaker is now back in circulation and the latest version remains largely unchanged in comparison to the original, although there are a few updated tweaks here and there. The cloud white model, available at Aphrodite, boasts a brand-new lacing system, suede overlays, and extra perforation which translates to extra ventilation. Diehard adi’ fans will also be pleased to know that the iconic peg system, which allows you to adjust the level of shock absorption within the heel, remains firmly in place and illuminated in neon hues. 

adidas G.S Sneakers

Perhaps the biggest change to the shoe’s anatomy comes in the form of recycled materials. The upper part of the trainer is made from a minimum of 50% recycled content – a deliberate design choice by the brand in its bid to end plastic waste. Choosing to invest in this shoe means you’re not only style-conscious but also environmentally conscious, and just to top off those unbeatable incentives, you’re guaranteed top-of-the-range support thanks to the shoe’s immaculate build and underfoot technology. 

adidas Peg System

Add an original to your collection and browse the adidas G.S Shoe in-store and online now at Aphrodite.

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