Adidas Originals Brand Guide

Adidas Originals Brand Guide

Despite being a brand you no doubt have some first hand experience with, there is still much to be said about the storied history, innovative design and culturally embedded relevance of adidas. Having solidified their presence both within the domains of sport and fashion thanks to their penchant for producing items that balance both quality and style, the brand have carved out a multi-faceted identity in a vast dynamic of disciplines.

Whether it be the constant technological improvements of adidas footwear or the practical fabrication of adidas clothing, the brand has seen its products adopted in almost every corner of the sporting world. From running, football, tennis, golf, cricket and basketball, their function first approach and performance-led design prove time and time again why many of the world’s top athletes choose to adorn the three stripe insignia.

adidas California T-Shirt

When Was adidas Founded?

After spending some time making footwear in their mothers washroom, adidas was originally founded as “Gebrúder Dassler Schuhfabrik” in 1924, focusing initially on the production of leather spiked shoes for athletes and footballers. Basing their first factory in the German town of Herzogenaurach in the years that followed the brand quickly began establishing a name for itself in the footwear market, with many of their shoes seen upon the feet of those securing historic gold medal victories throughout various Olympic games.

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Who Made adidas?

Adidas was founded by brothers Adolf and Rudolph Dassler. Sons of a shoe factory worker the brothers ran the Gebrúder Dassler Schuhfabrik together until 1949 when, due to personal issues between the siblings, Rudolph decided to leave the company. Both choosing to start up their own business’ Rudolph established the sportswear brand RuDa, a company which eventually formed into what we now know today as the sportswear brand Puma, whilst his brother Adolf laid the foundations of what would soon become adidas.

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Where Did adidas Get Its Name From?

Whilst some people believe that adidas is actually an acronym for, ‘all day I dream about sport’ this is actually a common misconception. The name adidas finds its origins in 1949 when Adolf Dassler, following the split from his brother, began his solo ventures into the world of sportswear. Combining both his nickname, ‘adi’ and the first three letters of his surname ‘dassler’ to create the iconic and world renowned callsign.

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What is the adidas Logo?

The three stripes which grace the side of almost all of adidas’ silhouettes is about as culturally iconic and instantly recognisable as the sneakers themselves. In the early days of the company before the name adidas was even coined, the brothers utilised a construction method which employed two stripes to both sides of the shoe for a more secure bind and sturdy structure.

When the brothers disbanded to begin their ventures with adidas and Puma respectively, Adolf could not only no longer use this design in his future products but discovered that the Finnish sportswear brand Karhu had beat him to the new three stripe motif he had set his sights upon. The solution? Roughly 1600 euros and two bottles of whiskey and the trademark was his in 1952.

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What is adidas Oirignals?

Although adidas finds its roots embedded in sports, they have also been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the more fashion orientated side of the business thanks to their highly regarded “adidas Originals” line. Using the original “Trefoil” logo that was seen used throughout collections up until 1997, adidas Originals is a subsidiary that focuses in on influential heritage periods of the brands history, re-purposing household designs for a more lifestyle orientated role.

From the effervescent adidas Originals California t-shirt to matching ensembles such as the adidas Originals Firebird Tracksuit, the diverse and adaptable lineup draws upon past source materials, opting to use bold block colours and abstract patterns to emphasise a distinctly “retro” yesteryear feel and merging old school sensibilities with a continual dedication to contemporary technology.  Ensuring each of their products meet today’s standards when it comes to durability, comfort and sheer versatility the brand has solidified its place in mainstream outfitting with a vast array of collaborations ranging from Human Made and Raf Simons to BAPE and many more.


adidas Footwear

adidas Originals Trainers

Of course no guide to the intricacies of adidas would be complete without mentioning their all encompassing deluge of iconic footwear. With transient styles like the adidas Gazelle, Samba and Spezial up their sleeve and some of the most forward-thinking minds in the business at the cusp of their research efforts, the brand supply modern day shakeups on some of their most unique and nostalgic silhouettes.

adidas Gazelle

Originally released in 1968 the Gazelle was an instant hit with football fans, b-boys and just about everyone in between. Hailed for its uncomplicated low profile and brightly coloured plush suede, it remains an unequivocal classic even to this day.

adidas Samba

The first notable sneaker produced by adidas in 1950 the Samba was originally made to help those playing football in icy conditions. Still seen used in indoor games, the trainer finds itself a favourite among those with an eye for terrace trainers.

addias Handball Spezial Trainers

adidas Handball Spezial

Introduced in 1979 for, as the name would suggest, elite Handball players the adidas Handball Spezial was first introduced into the UK by English fans returning from European footballing campaigns. Bringing with them previously unheard of Italian casual brands and rare trainers, the Handball now sits proudly among a plethora of like-minded gum soled peers.

adidas Hamburg

Part of adidas’ 1982 City Series, alongside other silhouettes such as the adidas Amsterdam and more recently the adidas Liverpool, the collection aims to encapsulate the unique features of specific destinations around the globe into distinct footwear models. Famed with football casuals and mods alike, the Hamburg is a true adidas connoisseurs shoe of choice.


adidas Superstar Trainers

adidas Superstar

Made for the basketball courts of the ‘70s, the Superstar found itself a mainstay in hip hop culture with the likes of Run DMC selecting them as their footwear of choice. Hailed for its iconic shell toe design and minimal leather uppers, they remain as relevant today as they were over 5o years ago.

adidas Stan Smith

Debuted in 1972 for tennis legend Stan Smith, these sneakers have evolved to become the minimalists footwear of choice. Coated in a smooth leather they opt for a perforated take on the classic three stripe branding for a clean and elegant finish.


adidas Continental 80 Trainers

adidas Stan Smith

Aiming to capture ‘80s tennis styling the Continentals are a relatively new addition to the adidas arsenal. Featuring a EVA split cup outsole and reworked take on signature branding, they serve as a centre piece to the brand’s new generational styles.

adidas Stadt

Taking influence from the adidas Tobacco and Trimm Star, the Stadt is another quality entry into the brands book of low profile suede stompers. Named after the German word for city, the Stadt slots seamlessly into the terrace ranks.


adidas SL72 Trainers

adidas SL72

The debut style from the Super Light series and also the first sneakers seen donning the iconic trefoil, the SL72 captures the essence of ‘70s runners. Narrow and sleek the trainers were originally released for the 1972 Munich Olympics and have since become the forefather style to countless iterations including the SL80, SL76 and SL7600.

adidas ROM

Made to celebrate the Rome Olympics in 1959 as an all round training shoe for the Rome 1960 Olympics, the ROM boasts some of the most distinctive design features seen on a three stripe shoe. With a jagged rubber outsole and t-toe overlay detailing, the trainer enjoyed a re-release in 1979 much to the delight of OG trainer fanatics.

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