Adidas Originals Brand Guide

adidas Originals Brand Guide

Adidas Originals Brand Guide

An Introduction To Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals is a brand that everyone knows and loves, instantly recognisable by its infamous “Three Stripes” logo that is seen on nearly all of its products. Founded initially as “Gebrúder Dassler Schuhfabrik”, Adidas began its first official days in 1948 by Adolf Dassler after a split between him and his brother. His sibling, Rudolf later established Puma, another internationally acclaimed sports brand. Although it is widely believed that Adidas is an acronym for “All day I dream about sports”, it was actually formed through Adolf’s nickname, “Adi” and his surname, “Dassler”, thus creating the now iconic name. Adidas has since cemented its place in both fashion and sportswear, exemplified by its revenue, whereby in 2012 its capital reached 14.5 Billion Euros, making it the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world.

Adidas Spezial

Nowadays, everywhere you look Adidas has a presence. A combination of having a solidified brand image with an emphasis on quality and style has attracted a solid and consistent customer base over the years it has been around and now operates in many regions to help fulfill your specific sport or fashion needs. Whether it be running, football, tennis, gold, cricket or basketball, Adidas has managed to create a product portfolio that successfully extends to most of the sporting world, providing durable and reliable footwear that protects and improves peoples games. Many of the worlds best athletes choose Adidas footwear and Adidas’ constant improvement in its technology and innovation tells the story of why they choose to do so. However, although there is a strong emphasis on Adidas as a sports brand, they have also been a mammoth presence in the fashion world, thanks to its highly regarded “Adidas Originals” line.

Using the original “Trefoil” logo that was seen on all of Adidas’ products until 1997, Adidas Originals is a more fashion-orientated subsidiary of the sportswear giants, where a strong influence from the 1940’s – 1980’s has resulted in some of the worlds most well known designs like the Adidas Gazelle. With influence from such times, Adidas Originals often uses block colours and abstract patterns to emphasise a “retro” feel in their lines, whilst continuing to use modern techniques in order to make them as durable and comfortable as possible. Collaborations with designers like Jeremy Scott  and Opening Ceremony have further solidified this retro feel and thus, Adidas Originals has for a long time been a staple for the men of the world. Adidas Originals is a very versatile line. Aimed for the casual market, their t-shirts, jackets and footwear all meet the standards for a whole range of occasions. Whether it be for a sporty look or as part of an outfit for a night out, Adidas Originals’ versaility allows you to cover all bases and offers pieces that cater to almost all casual looks.

Adidas Originals Heritage Footwear

Adidas Originals heritage feel is exemplified nicely by its ever growing footwear range. Staple designs like the Gazelle, Samba and Spezial as well as nearly every other style are heavily inspired or simply remakes of the sports footwear that Adidas used as part of its sporting range in the 40’s to 80’s. It is this retro feel that people enjoy, reliving  classics that people have grew up to love, with a constant emphasis on simplicity yet being subtly abstract and retro at the same time. With the use of torsion soles on some styles, as well as incorporating some of Adidas’ sports technology into their Originals line, it is clear that the Originals line is not completely devoid of sporting influence and a plethora of technical windbreakers and jackets that are included in many of their collections further emphasise this idea. However, this is not what the Originals line is all about. Instead, a constant focus on originality and heritage can be seen in every piece of Adidas Originals footwear, clothing and accessory.

Although Adidas has sponsored up with a variety of sports stars and celebrities, the Originals line still maintains a presence amongst the celebrities of the world regardless, all thanks to its style and comfort.

Adidas Originals Video

The following video is from the Adidas Originals team giving you a feel for the style and flair that comes with Adidas.

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