adidas by Raf Simons Detroit Runner AW18

adidas x Raf Simons Detroit Runner

Known for shy and retiring designs, Belgian super designer Raf Simons has linked up with adidas for another edition of flamboyancy in the form of the hyper-futuristic Detroit Runner.

The familiar canvas design to the upper of the shoe is bonded to a heavy-duty sole unit reminiscent of the avant-garde footwear styles of science fiction, lending the shoe a retro-futurism design with its clash of low top trainer and utility boot, this brand new edition is highlighted by a striking metallic wrap to the midsole bringing the two worlds together.

Detroit’s heavy involvement and development of the automation industry in post-industrial revolution America placed a metropolis future vision into process for the city, seeing factories and skyscrapers rise and business boom making way for the high concept and retro-futuristic designs that merely dreams of a simpler time.

This design revolution plays a major factor in Raf Simons’ latest work with the German giants in the Detroit Runner.

The upper takes the design of the simple canvas sneaker, seen in a variety of editions since the early 1900s from brands like Converse, Novesta and VansIt’s a basic universal design that reigns synonymous with a plethora of brands and designers. The sole comes straight out of the school of Margiela, Ozweegos and other ostentatious designs, taking on a somewhat Robocop esque action boot aesthetic with its big tread and sole encapsulating take to the bonding. The chrome to the midsole harkens to the innovative automotive designs of the 1950s with its trailblazing movement that saw spaceship-like cars clad and cast in chrome for an alien concept.

We have to applaud the influences that have placed these two sneaker worlds into the same design with great effect, evoking a concept bigger than fashion’s obsession with bulbous designs.

The adidas X Raf Simons Detroit Runner lands in 3 colourways on August 30th at


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