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Stone Island Jacket

An Ode To The Stone Island Overshirt

A constant resident of the upper echelons of really nice clothes, a Stone Island overshirt is for many some of the most highly regarded pieces of clobber one can get their hands on. Lauded for their countless array of stellar talking points, mind-boggling visuals and sharp cuts, they provide the trans-seasonal keys to casual wardrobe elevation. But, before we dive straight into the compliments it’s worth taking a look back at where exactly this half-shirt half-jacket hybrid originated.


Stone Island Overshirt


Timeless, smart but tough enough to handle the rigors of a hard days graft, the overshirt was originally designed as a layering piece to go over the top of suits and ties. Famed for its plethora of handy pockets and uncomplicated design the ‘shackets’ were often constructed using more robust materials such as sturdy cotton twill and moleskin.

Becoming the go-to garment for easygoing functionality the overshirt quickly found itself on the backs of everyone from tradesmen and French Railway workers to British soldiers during the Second World War. More recently the garments have made somewhat of a resurgence in the modern man’s everyday wardrobe, slotting seamlessly into contemporary trends such as Scandinavian minimalism and workwear-inspired tailoring.


Stone Island Overshirts


So where does Stone Island fit into all of this? Well, not only do we just love talking about everyone’s favourite Italian sportswear company, but when it comes to totally unique overshirts they certainly know a thing or two. Utilising their penchant for unique fabric blends, the brand continues to put out overshirts in just about every shape and size imaginable, including, but not limited to, Crinkle Reps NY, nylon metal, naslan light, cotton garbadine, brushed cotton twill, tella stella… we think you get the idea.


Stone Island Jackets


Not only do these ingenious pairings provide a super functional outer shell to give you that little bit extra protection, but they provide a perfect base for Stone Island’s garment-dyeing wizardry and bespoke treatments to shine. With shades spanning everything from soft blush pink to punchy neons, iridescent, reflective and thermal reactive coatings deliver eye-catching notes whilst the brand’s OLD effect and in-house mixed dyed, give that classic worn-in look everyone can’t get enough of.

With enough pocket variations and smart detailing to please even the most function-obsessed compass patch fan out there, get your hands on a Stone Island Overshirt of your own before it’s too late.


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