Andersons Belts Brand Guide

Anderson's Belts

Andersons Belts Brand Guide

An Introduction to Andersons Belts

Andersons Belts pride themselves on the excellence of each hand made belt, the quality of the material used along with the unique aesthetics, a superb belt to join any man’s collection.

Established in Parma in 1966, Anderson’s belts have developed a great experience in the manufacturing of belts, combining the use of premium quality materials with the skills and the tradition of the “Parma Leather Artisan”.

A real family business which is proud to still be owned and run by the same family that founded it 45 years ago, Anderson’s belts are still heavily based in Parma in an ideal location.
Retailed in the some of the best stores in the world, Anderson’s season collections contain over 80 styles that are entirely handmade and are instantly recognisable, thanks to their unique aesthetics and noticeable quality.

Anderson’s are a prime example of a traditional accessory manufacturer, with all production based in their own factory by over 50 artisans with no materials outsourced. Doing this allows Anderson’s to satisfy all customers requests, whilst also being able to control all production steps, important to maintaining the high quality Anderson’s is now renowned for. Furthermore, all belts that Anderson’s produce are finished and polished by hands using a natural hard wax which is essential to give their belts their “natural light”.

Here at Aphrodite we are proud to say we stock some of the staple designs that Anderson’s belts offer, with unique designs that are woven and crafted to perfection.

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