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Aries Arise Brand Guide

What is Aries?

Aiming to merge the worlds of streetwear and high end fashion, Aries is a brand which centres its collections around themes pulled from a vast list of ’80s and ’90s influences when fashion was arguably at one of its most volatile states. Encompassing everything from skateboarding sub-culture, to the rave scene and Cyberpunk, Aries pride themselves on their ability to subvert norms and break down the boundaries set out in the clothing world. Whether it be their genderless approach, juxtaposing thematic combinations or anti-fashion outlook, the brand reserve a fascination for the deeper societal implications clothing can have harnessing their platform as creative outlet not bound by the pressures of high street expectations.

With classic streetwear tropes such as bold unapologetic graphics and relaxed cuts found alongside delicate hand finished detailing and bespoke pattern cutting, the brand capture freeze frames of fashion history and reinterpret them with the quality expected from luxury brands. Ranging from their iconic contributions to tie-dye to their tongue in cheek , ‘No Problemo’ t-shirts Aries continue to hit the sweet spot that sees their clothing imbued with masterful craftsmanship without looking out of place at the local skate shop.


Aries Arise Spring Summer 2020


Who founded Aries?

Aries was founded by designer Sofia Prantera, Graphic artist Fergus Purcell and Slam Jam owner Luca Benini. With Sofia previously owning skate label Silas and Purcell responsible for iconic pieces of work such as the culturally dominant Palace Triferg, the pairing quickly became close friends during their time working at Slam City Skates in the ’90s. Finding common ground over their cultural influences, streetwear interest and comic books, both were keen to develop a new output from which they could filter through their latest creative ventures.


Aries Arise Tracksuit


When was Aries started?

Aries was originally founded in 2012 at a time when Sofia felt streetwear wasn’t given the credit in which it deserved. Having previously studied at London’s Central St Martins where one of her professors told her that streetwear wasn’t fashion, Prantera found herself obsessed with the tribal outfits and bordering anti-fashion styling of different sub-cultures such as the rave scene in the ’80s. Teaming up with Purcell, the pair quickly set their sights on creating a brand which would be free from any high street constraints allowing them the opportunity to merge these passions with their love for high quality garments, effectively adding an elevated touch to classic street-inspired tropes.

With their decision not to follow seasonal releases, several high profile collaborations and the swell of streetwear in 2014, fuelling their growth, Aries have went on to not only release countless collections but find themselves nominated for both the emerging womenswear and menswear categories at the fashion awards in 2018 and 2019.


Aries Arise Lookbook


Where did Aries get their name?

Given his already impressive track record, Sofia was happy to let Fergus Purcell take the reigns when it came to creating a notable identity for the brand. At a basic sense it stems from Purcell’s interest with star signs, being an Aries himself he was drawn to how its associated traits and shared qualities aligned with their vision for the brand – coming first, being a leader and having a fierce creative drive. The name also find its roots in Woody Allen’s film, ‘Sleeper‘ in which a sinister dictator tries to implement a secret plot know only as ‘The Aries Project.‘  The Arise came from the early days of the brand, referring to the constant change the pair had experienced within the fashion world around them and the new things which came from their remains.


Aries Arise Temple Logo


What is the Aries Logo?

From the offset both Purcell and Prantera knew that they needed a strong logo to represent the brand. With backgrounds in both graphics, fashion and design, they knew that it was a vital component of conveying the intention and ethos of the brand whilst also serving as powerful conduit to deliver meaning.  Despite introducing various different monikers throughout their collections, the Aries’ logo is actually, ‘The Temple’ which was designed to reference classic Italian luxury brand’s such as Versace and Moschino.


Aries Arise New Balance 991


Aries Collaborations

In another streetwear-centric move Aries are known for their vast list of influential collaborations, one of the most notable being their work with New Balance on a fresh interpretation of the 991. Adding subtle changes such as pops of neon colouring, the shoes were accompanied by ‘Unbalanced’ branded t-shirts and a pop up physical space that was purposely made to play with spacial awareness. Having also worked on the 990 v3, Aries has also teamed up on ventures with Vans, Suickoe and Stussy as well as countless photographers.


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