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Astorflex Greenflex at Aphrodite

Astorflex Greenflex : Pure Italian Elegance

As far as desert boots go, the Astorflex Greenflex is the crème de la crème. You won’t catch this lauded Italian label cutting corners when it comes to both quality and craftsmanship; the beloved silhouette is developed meticulously each season for the brand’s core collection and is made in line with traditional European manufacturing processes.

Astorflex Greenflex Aphrodite

Steeped in rich Italian heritage, Astorflex boasts a colourful enterprise that dates all the way back to the early 1900s where it first produced clogs – a wooden shoe that was superbly popular back in its day, and still is in some places now, for example in European hotspots Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Although the clog remained ubiquitous in several regions, Italy eventually fell out of love with the clog and that’s when Astorflex began evolving, turning its attention to much more supple fabrics like suede and leather… Enter the desert boot.

Astorflex Greenflex Dark Chestnut

Available in a trio of versatile shades – whiskey, stone and dark chestnut – the Astorflex Greenflex oozes elegance with its low-profile construction, sleek and simple lacing structure, and durable crepe sole. Handcrafted using suede that’s been sourced locally in Tuscany, the Astorflex Greenflex is rich in style and substance and is an easy match for a number of items in your rotation. Whether you’re looking to pair the boot with formal fits or casual clobber, rest assured that it’s built to work for both.

Astorflex Greenflex Whiskey

Underfoot, a natural rubber crepe sole is present, offering the wearer superior comfort that lasts, so no matter if your pursuit takes an hour or all day, you’ll never absorb shock or discomfort from the ground. Plus the natural rubber makes this shoe an eco-friendly choice for the style and the planet-conscious.

Premium, classy and sure to never go out of style, create space in your collection for the Astorflex Greenflex this autumn.

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