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Baxter of California Brand Guide

Baxter of California Brand Guide

The Baxter of California brand was the brainchild of Baxter Finley, and was created in 1965. Today, the brand is known as one of the original grooming brands for men. Originally, the brand started with a single product, which was the Super Shape. The Super Shape was a cutting edge product, a men’s skin conditioner that protected skin in the sun and sea.

Fast forward to the present day, and the Baxter of California brand has created some of the most innovative skin grooming products for men. Using their range of technology, the brand caters to a range of skin types. As stated on the Baxter of California website:

‘Bottom line: Finley’s dry skin began a revolution. Baxter’s legacy meets advanced research: this is the evolution of men’s grooming.’

Baxter of California Grooming


Here at Aphrodite we stock a wide range of Baxter of California products. Read below to find out about each product:

Facial Scrub

This luxe exfoliating scrub is a weekly treatment, suitable for all skin types. The energising exfoliating formula will leave your skin feeling smooth and renewed, as well as revitalising your complexion. Use once or twice a week to see results.

Hand and Body Moisturiser

A non-greasy moisturiser, infused with a herbal-musk scent. This moisturizer is boosting with natural oils, vitamins, and a botanical extract to restore the skin’s moisture barrier.

Travel Kit and Bag

An essential kit for those who are on the go. This handy travel kit is presented in a travel bag for storage. Inside it holds 50ml bottles of the daily face wash, aftershave balm, super close shave formula, daily protein shampoo, and oil-free moisturiser. This would make an ideal gift for those who love to travel.

Oil-Free Moisturiser

This product is for normal to oily skin. It hydrates skin by using a plant-based hydration technology to restore moisture. The product is oil-free and has a matte finish, so your skin will feel smooth and refreshed.

Daily Protein Shampoo

A nutrient-enriched shampoo, infused with peppermint and tea-tree extract. The shampoo provides strength improving nutrients and also improves hair body and manageability.

Clay Pomade

A tub of the brand’s classic wax, using a range of natural ingredients such as clay and beeswax for maximum performance. Suitable for any type or style of hair.

Baxter of California Bodycare

Travel Shaving Brush

A three-piece travel shaving brush, which sits in an aluminium casing which screws into each other to create a handle. The bristles are crafted from 100% badger hair to ensure a close shave.

Super Close Shave Formula

An easy-glide formula that hydrates skin as you shave. The super close shave formula provides protective cushioning between the skin and the razor to avoid redness and irritation that can be caused by shaving. Using antiseptic and botanical extract, the formula will soothe and refresh the skin.

Hard Water Hair Pomade

This hair gel is enhanced with elastic fibres, with a water-based formula that will provide all-day shine and control.

Baxter of California Skincare

Body Wash

A fresh body wash that hydrates skin. With the properties of aloe, jojoba, and vitamin E, this body wash locks in moisture with a fresh scent of Italian lime and pomegranate to revitalise the skin and cleanse at the same time.

Moisturising Conditioner

A nutrient-enriched conditioner with a subtle mint scent, which restores moisture whilst rebuilding hair. The botanicals and vitamins in the product battle dryness.

Deodorant Stick

Winner of a GQ Grooming Award 2015, this deodorant offers a clean citrus and musk scent and is free from aluminum and parabens.

You can shop for our full range of the Baxter of California.

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