Billionaire Boys Club Spring Summer 2014 Collection

Billionaire Boys Club Spring Summer 2014

Billionaire Boys Club Sweater

Billionaire Boys Club is a famous streetwear brand, founded in 2005 by Pharrell Williams and Japan’s fashion icon Nigo. The brand itself presents timeless street style with luxe prints and detailing. Over the years Billionaire Boys Club have been favoured for their use of signature prints which are repeated through the garments, such as the font of the logo and the classic helmet print.

This season Billionaire Boys Club have designed a collection made to reflect the harsh elements from the African climate, featuring distressed garments to match harsh effects of the sun and sea. Here at aphrodite, t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts have just arrived from the new collection, presenting tribal patterns and solar activated prints. New designs contrast massively with the originals for a new fresh look just in time for summer, with the classic starfield print changing to both the Maarso and Saif print, and the signiture astraunaut turning to an exclusive Pirate helmet logo, representing Somalian Pirates.
We’re certain that the new collection will attract a huge range of customers, especially those who love casual clothing with classic prints for a designer finish.

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