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By Parra Brand Guide

Bringing a playful graphics and saturated colours to Aphrodite’s repertoire of expanding apparel, By Parra is a brand rooted in eclectic humor and underground aesthetics.


Dutch post-pop designer and brand founder Piet ‘Parra’ Janssen emerged onto the scene in the early 90s as a self-taught artist, mostly designing album covers for up-and-coming musicians or flyers for Amsterdam’s most à la mode discotheques, yet, he was viewed as a cult artist by his fellow creators throughout his novitiate years. It was not until Janssen began to produce graphics of his now world-renowned beaked figures that his career really took flight, depicting abstract bird-like characters in the most vibrant saturations of red, blue, and pink, illustrated on the ‘Emotional Neglect’ tees of which we are proud stockists. His 2-D aesthetic, bold lines and fills, and whimsical illustrations have rendered his style instantly recognizable yet impossible to categorize, gaining Parra a renegade following internationally.


Originally renowned for his contemporary works in imagery and typography, Parra has evolved into a multimedia artist, delving into sculpture, drawing, music; as a member of Le Le and MICH, and of course, textiles, with the launch of his brand Rockwell By Parra in 2002. Initially, the brand only consisted of t-shirts featuring the creator’s unique hand-lettering..

2004 marked the expansion of Piet’s apparel to a bi annual release of clothing, accessories, footwear, and even home-textile collections, yet it was not until 2006 that his wing-borne oddities appeared on his garments, causing his brand to soar into popularity. Since, creators have been lining up to collaborate with the label, including Viktor & Rolf, Nike, Stones Throw Records, and skate brand Zoo York, to name a few.


The brand aesthetic has developed over the years, branching out into more refined, minimalist graphics; similar to that of the geometric chenille applique found on the ‘Building Block’ sweatshirt, to more simplistic and contemporary stylings synonymous with modern skate and streetwear, like the ‘Striped Pocket Logo’ tee.

Parra’s rapid expansion and rise in popularity has led to a huge demand for the brands quality pieces, Shop By Parra online and in-store at Aphrodite Clothing.

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