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CP Company 50th Anniversary

C.P. Company 50th Anniversary Collections

CP Company Cinquanta 

Many moons ago an adept, Bologna-born graphic designer named Massimo Osti established Chester Perry, a clothing brand with an emphatic passion for garment dyeing and fabric innovation. Fast forward 50 years later and the label is a worldwide sensation now identifying under the alias C.P. Company. However, way back in 1971 – when Osti first launched the company – neither he nor his peers could have predicted its seismic impact on the fashion industry. From casual clothing in Britain to Milan’s paninaro phenomenon, the brand has sealed the fate of global culture for decades since its inception. In celebration of C.P. Company’s 50th anniversary and its heralded legacy, we’re giving you a full rundown of what the Italian pioneer has planned for such a milestone… Dig out your diaries; these are commemorative releases you just cannot miss.

Focusing on the same fundamental components that projected Massimo Osti’s original venture to stardom, the C.P. Company 50th anniversary series boasts a total of ten chapters which will all unfold over the course of 2021. Read on below to discover which chapters are already live:

Chapter 01

A tale of close friendship. Chapter 01 draws on the unbreakable bond between C.P. Company and Lucio Dalla – an Italian singer whose song lyrics narrated post-war Italy and quickly became the soundtrack of Bologna culture – of which Dalla and Osti were considered elite members. The camaraderie between the two kick-started a ‘you scratch my back; I’ll scratch yours’ synergy which worked like magic. Massimo would draft album artwork for Lucio while Lucio would repay the favour by wearing Massimo’s garments on stages across the globe.

The Lucio Dalla collection offers a range of pieces with the charismatic, Italian legend in mind. The capsule was shot within Dalla’s former residence and across several regions of Bologna. Musician Ghemon was selected to model the garments thanks to his penchant for both the brand and Lucio’s songs, having remade the iconic anthem ‘Henna’.

Massimo Osti and Lucio Dalla

Chapter 02

Celebrating the iconic identity of C.P. Company, Chapter 02 explores the iconic British sailor logo which has been the protagonist of the casual clothing brand since 1978.

Massimo was a collector of army books, taking a particular interest in the uniforms worn by British personnel. It was from this passion that he decided to conjure up the synonymous sailor; a warm and inviting character depicted smiling with his arms crossed – based distinctively on the British Royal Navy.

In line with the 50th Anniversary, C.P. Company has rendered an exclusive sailor statue. Handmade by Italian artisans using glazed ceramic, this commemorative piece perfectly reflects Massimo’s affinity for the military while promoting traditional Italian craftsmanship. Having produced a limited run of 150 pieces, the collection sold out almost instantly, with the statue now being re-sold at eye-watering prices across sites like eBay.

C.P. Company British Sailor Statue

Chapter 03

Patta x C.P. Company 50th Anniversary Collection. Chapter 03 sees two legends of the streetwear realm unite, albeit originating from different eras. Labeled ‘the godfather of all sportswear’ C.P. Company famously kickstarted a new genre of fashion when it debuted. Some would argue that Patta has had the same effect in contemporary culture, the brand is able to tune into its visionary customer base, building palpable hype and making strong waves in the industry with its clothing.

The Patta x C.P. Company collection features the Amsterdam label’s signature tracksuit silhouette which boasts the same pocket used on C.P. Company’s heralded Mille jacket. The collaborative offering is available in the Milano and Amsterdam flagship stores, as well as the London store.

CP Company x Patta

Chapter 04

Chapter 04 unveils the very first monograph dedicated to C.P. Company. Offering a detailed study of the legendary clothing brand. ‘C.P. Company 971-021. An informal history of Italian sportswear’ comprises 438 pages in total, with each detailing the life and times of the label, depicted through personal stories and outfits from 50 specially selected C.P. Company fans from across the globe.

C.P. Company 971 021 Monograph

The remaining six chapters of the C.P. Company 50th Anniversary collection are yet to be revealed, however, they promise to have us all gripped from start to finish. Keep your eyes peeled for more details in the coming weeks and months.

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