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Canada Goose Brand Guide

The Label That Embraces Arctic Adventures

Canada Goose Brand Guide

The cold harsh winters of Canada aren’t exactly the most bewitching of environments, however, it’s in the extremes of these baron snowdrifts and sub-zero temperatures that the inspiration for one of the nation’s most cherished exports was born.

Canada Goose has become the Great White North’s leading example of Canadian ingenuity and design, with the unmissable Canada Goose emblem now possessing residency all over the globe.  Not only will you find the iconic logo disc hot-footing it around the brand’s native Toronto, but you’ll also see it on the far-flung cobbles of Milan and Stockholm, of course, sported by each city’s most stylish denizens. However, Canada Goose’s profound success did not occur overnight – for decades the brand has consciously chipped away at the industry; consistently researching, studying and never taking its finger off the pulse of innovation within its sector.

Canada Goose Jacket

History of Canada Goose:

Originally founded as Metro Sportswear Ltd by Polish immigrant Sam Tick, the company started out life producing raincoats, woollen garments and outerwear that were all created specifically for treacherously cold climates. The early ’70s welcomed a key era for Metro Sportswear as they began to craft down-filled jackets – a pivotal move that would go on to become the cornerstone of Canada Goose’s modern-day existence. The early days also positioned David Reiss’ expertise at the forefront of the company – as Sam Tick’s son-in-law, Reiss was trusted to shape the brand with the employment of cutting-edge innovation – and this he did, eventually leading him to take the title of CEO. With dependable talent at the helm and an evolving reputation, Metro Sportswear began crafting bespoke down-filled jackets for the Canadian Rangers and Toronto’s Police Department.

During the 1980’s Metro Sportswear employed over 50 people, with production still taking place entirely in Canada. Every stitch was finished on home soil, making Metro Sportswear’s products wholly authentic. It was at this stage that the brand began to undergo the transformation into the label that it is recognized as today. David Reiss purchased Metro Sportswear outright and began re-registering the brand’s down-filled parkas under the new moniker of ‘Snow Goose’.

Canada Goose Freestyle Vest

By the ’90s the arctic imprint had uncovered presence across the pond and deep into Europe which is where a small roadblock in its identity was first discovered. Unfortunately, another company had already traded under the name ‘Snow Goose’ for some time and so the namesake ‘Canada Goose‘ was exclusively born for branding within Europe. But the name instantly stuck, and when David Reiss’ son Dani took control of the business in 2001 he made the decision to only produce under the name of Canada Goose, and, most importantly, keep all of their production firmly rooted in Canada, rather than move manufacturing to cheaper methods abroad. Dani Reiss was essentially responsible for turning Canada Goose into the global phenomenon it is today by focusing on the ‘crafted in Canada’ aspect of the label’s lauded philosophy.

Canada Goose of Present:

Canada Goose remains a linchpin to the country from which it is born. With 63 years of entrepreneurial spirit and industry know-how driving it, the company is an unstoppable force within the ever-evolving world of outerwear thanks to its very particular set of core values.

For some time now Canada Goose has steered clear of traditional marketing tools, such as glossy ad campaigns, in favour of simple word of mouth. Operating in such an unconventional manner has enabled the brand to cut pricey promotional overheads to retain its home-grown manufacturing facet, which of course is a critical component of its modern infrastructure, if not the most imperative. While word of mouth allows Canada Goose’s coveted star and luxury identity to continue rising, so do the brand’s unique and captivating anecdotes.

Canada Goose has accompanied generation after generation through myriad expeditions so it only seems fitting that the brand would go on to launch ‘Goose People’ – an initiative highlighting these individuals and their extreme adventures. Shortly after Goose People’s inception, Ray Zahab – a proud representative of Canada Goose, entered the Guinness Book of World Records for his trek to the South Pole – a journey that saw him on foot without skis and that lasted 33 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes in total, the fastest time ever recorded. It is the brand’s commitment and flair for these harsh environments which bolsters its strong presence around the globe.

Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody

While building the brand’s HQ in Toronto and growing its monumental workforce, which is said to employ more than 6% of Canada’s cut and sew industry, Canada Goose has in recent years expanded its operations to introduce knitwear. First launched back in 2017, Canada Goose knitwear meant that the brand could cater to more mainstream outings within the city streets while ensuring form and function, as always, remained at the heart of the company. An example of the label’s knitwear venture is embodied by the highly favoured Canada Goose Hybridge Knit Jacket, crafted from warming merino wool and yielding a hybrid silhouette.

Canada Goose Hallmarks:

Though the brand’s archive is vast and wide-ranging, there are certain Canada Goose items which captivate popular culture more than others – below we’re giving you the lowdown on some of our personal favourites.


Canada Goose Carson Parka


Canada Goose Carson Parka in Graphite – Filled with fluffy down and constructed to lock out the elements in superior style, the Carson Parka protects the wearer with an assortment of practical detailing; comprising a removable coyote fur ruff and fleece-lined pockets for warmth when temperatures plummet. Signed off with the unmistakable CG disc on the left arm, the design is also finished with a snap and zip fastening, complete with ribbed cuffs for retaining heat.


Canada Goose Freestyle Crew Gilet


Canada Goose Freestyle Crew Gilet in Camouflage – Cut slim and boasting a camo guise, this sleeveless number will prove a versatile layering piece for your year-round rotation. Constructed using the brand’s premium 80/20 duck down insulation, the design welcomes a zip closure and storm flap for defence against harsh conditions while signature branding adorns the chest, zipper and front pocket.


Canada Goose Langford Parka

Canada Goose Langford Parka – Get ready for whatever the weather might throw at you with this warming down-filled parka. Featuring a sturdy polycotton twill outer shell with a generous down fill, knitted inner cuffs, microfibre-lined handwarmer pockets set above top-entry flap pockets, an interior pocket and a fully adjustable hood with removable real fur trim. The silhouette is finished with the iconic Canada Goose disc patch to the left sleeve, as well as a branded tab atop the left pocket.

Renowned for prioritising quality over quantity, Canada Goose has steadily become a byword for luxurious outerwear. Showcasing fabrics that are specifically chosen for their robust protective nature and premium feel, the Canada Goose jacket is, without doubt, a dependable cult wardrobe piece embraced by the masses for its trademark style.

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