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Terry Fox

adidas Orion, Terry Fox & The Marathon Of Hope

When it comes to adidas trainers with both style and substance, the adidas Orion is certainly up there. Made from a lightweight mixture of nylon and suede atop a sleek EVA foam midsole, the heritage runners which have remained relatively under the radar, see a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. Arriving as a one-to-one reissue of their original ’70s silhouette, despite their very good looking terrace visuals and old school sensibilities, the true legacy of the trainers lies in their time spent on the feet of non-other than Terry Fox during his courageous 143 day charity cancer run.


adidas Orion Trainers


Born July of 1958 in Winnipeg, Canada, even from a young age  Terrance Stanley Fox showed signs of mental toughness. Characterised by his tenacity and ability to work hard even in the face of adversity, Terry’s mother recalled his well long-drawn out sessions spent playing with table-hockey or toy soldiers where games would last for hours, much to amusement of Terry and the dismay of his siblings.


Channelling this attitude through his love of sports, Terry spent most of his life involved in some sort of physical activity, trying his hand at baseball, soccer and rugby during his younger days before eventually focusing his efforts on his passion for basketball. Standing at only 5ft and less than talented at the game, undeterred, Terry tried out for the Mary Hill School Team in a move that would lead him to cross paths with his then coach Bob McGill.


Despite spending much of his first season on the bench, McGill would give Terry a minute in each game as a reward for the hard work which he displayed during training, “If I had told Terry to hit his head against the wall, he would have”, McGill once remarked. Arriving at school early, leaving late and spending many of his summer days paying 1-on-1 with his friend and fellow teammate Doug Alward, he eventually began to make first team appearances before becoming a mainstay in the squad in the years that followed. Interestingly it was during this time was Terry’s was first introduced to long-distance running, having been advised to take it up by McGill who thought his build and stature may have suited it better. Not wanting to let his coach down and ignoring his less than positive outlook on the sport, Terry decided to give it a shot planting the seeds of what was to come.


Terry Fox Marathon Of Hope


Pursuing his love of sports into University with the hopes of one day becoming a physical education teacher, it was in November 1977 when Terry’s life began to veer in a new and unexpected way. Driving toward his family home he reportedly became distracted by nearby building works, causing him to crash his car into a stationary pickup truck. Writing his vehicle off, Terry luckily managed to emerge largely unscathed aside from a persistent pain his right knee which continued to flair up until the following year.


After becoming increasingly concerned he decided it was best to get checked over at the hospital, where to his surprise he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare cancer which often stems from the leg joint. If such news was not enough for one person to handle, Terry was informed that he not only had to begin what would be a 16 month long chemotherapy regime but that his right leg must be amputated.


In typical Fox fashion this his battle with cancer and loss of one leg didn’t slow him down one bit, in fact some could say it even had the opposite effect. Given a prosthetic leg he slowly began the tentative and daunting task of working his way back to physical strength. Walking just three weeks after surgery before playing golf with his father and becoming a member of the national wheelchair basketball team later in the year, which he went on to win three national titles as well as earn the accolade of all-star in 1980.


Terry Fox Run


But despite his love of basketball, it was the world of long-distance running which Terry would lay out his masterplan. Having been given a 50% survival rate at the start of his treatment, he discovered that without recent advancements in medical practice his chances would have been at around 15%. Coupled with his time spent undergoing much of his treatment at British Columbia Cancer Control Agency Facility, where he came to know others with battling the disease, he became disheartened at the lack of attention cancer research was being shown. Using this as his fuel and learning that Dick Traum had become first amputee to run the New York Marathon just the night before his procedure, Terry’s goal became clear and training began.


With time needed for the springs in his artificial leg to reset after each step, it was evident Terry needed some time to grow accustomed to his newfound change in gait. Running around 3107 miles over the course of 15 months and taking part in a 17 mile race in Prince George just 2 years after losing his leg, he finally found himself ready to share his intentions with those closest to him, to which, when Terry’s mother Betty told his father Roland, he simply responded, “when?” The Marathon of Hope had been realised and Fox’s journey across the full length of Canada from the east to the west coast was on.


Terry Fox Run Across Canada


Hoping that he could not only shed some new light on cancer research but raise at least 1 dollar from each Canadian citizen, Terry Sent a letter to the Canadian Cancer Society where Terry famously wrote, “I’m not a dreamer, and I am not saying this will initiate any kind of definitive answer or cure to cancer. But I believe in miracles. I have to.” Despite their early scepticism, they agreed to support him in his mission but only if he managed to get both sponsorship support and a medical check over before he began. Much to their surprise soon after Terry was back, armed with support from those including adidas, Ford and CEO of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Isadore Sharp, and despite a diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy, true to his word Terry began his trek on the 12th April 1980.


Covering around a marathon a day, battling through adverse weather, and dealing with the long list of injuries, strains and stresses that come with running with only one leg, Fox fought his way through 143 days of consecutive running which took him around two thirds of the way across the country. Initially disappointed with the lack of support and hostility from particularly passing cars during the early portions of the run, Terry’s story soon spread like wildfire and it wasn’t before long before crowds were out in their masses alongside a flood of donations and media coverage.


Working his way through six provinces and 3339 miles, unfortunately on September 1st 1980 after experiencing a severe coughing fit and chest pains Terry was forced to cut his mission short just outside of Thunder Bay. Driven to the hospital, only after he had ran to where there were no spectators as to not let the crowd down, it was discovered that the cancer had returned having spread to his lungs. In the days that followed the support did not waver, a telethon was organised in Terry’s name which raised around $10 million, Isadore Sharp, who had had only recently lost his son to melanoma and remained one of Terry’s biggest supporters throughout, established an annual run in his name. Telegramming the family, Sharp stated, “You started it. We will not rest until a cure for cancer is realized.”


Terry Fox Marathon


Having raised well in excess of his initial goal and captured the hearts and minds of the world, Terry Fox sadly succumbed to his condition on June 28th 1981. Honoured through countless statues, street names, and more Terry’s story lives on to this day not only as a remarkable driver of cancer research. The youngest person to be awarded the Order of Canada, named newsmaker of the year and the nations top athlete, he was also given the highest award from the province of British Columbia alongside a permanent exhibition in Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. Through organisations and events such as the Terry Fox Foundation and the annual Terry Fox Run which has now been going for over 40 years, his message remains not only a practical positive force in the world but a symbol of determination, perseverance and human spirit.

Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten SS21 Mens : Preserving Len Lye’s Legacy

Pioneering Prints

Contaminated with graphic prints and startling bursts of colour, Dries Van Noten’s SS21 collection is theatrical with intent. The capsule hones in on Len Lye’s progressive art practices dating back to the late 1920s. More akin to ‘60s psychedelia than the roaring twenties, the New Zealander’s works toyed with the process of painting directly onto celluloid strips, resulting in hazy, dream-like visions which were far ahead of their time. 

Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten x Len Lye

Fully fixated by the late artist’s avant-garde aesthetic, Dries Van Noten seeks to preserve and promote Lye’s legacy within his latest collection – working directly with the Len Lye Foundation. Favouring bases of black and white, the collection’s t-shirt line boasts bespoke prints, including you’ sunshine motifs that double up film roll edges as rays and a photogram of Lye’s own, dubbed ‘Shadowgraphs’.  

Shadowgraphs Len Lye

Dries Van Noten Mens

Update your spring rotation with the primitive designs of Len Lye, re-packaged for the modern-day by Antwerp design veteran Dries Van Noten. 

Danner Bull Run Boots Brown

Danner Bull Run Boots : Work or Leisure

Merging the worlds of casual styling and robust workwear, the Danner Bull Run Boots are one of the American based  brand’s fundamental silhouettes. Highlighting some of the most traditional and highly regarded techniques within the industry and merging it with both contemporary good looks and a serious array of real-world functionality, the boots have remained a constant on our shelves for years. If you’ve found yourself sitting on the Bull Run fence for too long or have yet to have them appear on your footwear radar, here is a full rundown of why they are so good.


Danner Bull Run Boots


What is the Danner Bull Run Made From?

Made from a full-grain leather, The Bull Run aims to strike the perfect balance between robust protection and all-day comfort. Unlined to allow for a more lightweight feel and greater breathability when things get warm, Danner deploy a series of 7 tests ranging from strength and density to pull to ensure the leather used is hardwearing enough to withstand external forces, but also malleable enough to mould to the foot over time. Constructed using techniques that date back to 1932 and made in the USA their stitchdown technique makes for a wider more stable platform and easier repairs should they be needed.


Danner Boots


Are Danner Bull Runs Waterproof?

Due to their unlined nature Danner Bull Runs are not waterproof, however that’s not to say they don’t offer any protection. Tanned with the inclusion of oil, the specialist treatment enhances the fabrics natural water resistant properties whilst also ensuring less maintenance overtime.


Danner Bull Run


Are Bull Runs Comfortable?

The Bull Run sits atop a Danner wedge sole. Not only does this sole grant contemporary visuals, but it comes engineered to follow the flow and anatomy of the foot offering support where its needed most. Both oil and slip resistant as well as non-conducive, the design allows room for a cushioned footbed for even more comfort. Recommended for smooth surfaces such as concrete or wood, a non-tracking grip ensures an easy ride.


Bull Run Boots


How Do Danner Bull Runs Fit?

Combining a Portland 503 last and the aforementioned stitch down construction, The Bull Runs come with a casual feel and slightly wider than usual fit to offer extra room across the forefoot and toebox. Despite this many people do usually take their true size however some may find they run a little roomy.

Is there anything we missed? Leave it in the comments! You can shop the Danner Bull Run Boots and more online now.



Danner Mountain Light Cascade

Danner Mountain Light Cascade Boots : For Those Who Cut New Trails

Why To Invest in the Danner Mountain Light Cascade Boots

If you’re the seasoned backpacker type or fancy yourself as a bit of an adventurer seeker, you’ll probably regard the Danner Mountain Light Cascade Boots as the holy grail of footwear. Packed full to the brim with hiking heritage, they’re equal parts practical as they are pleasing on the eye and that’s what has made them such a hit with outdoors lovers since 1979.

How are the Danner Mountain Light Cascade boots made?

Crafted in the brand’s USA factory, situated in Portland, Oregon, these sturdy boots are hand made from top to bottom by Danner’s trusted workforce. The latest iteration of the silhouette takes design cues from the OG Mountain Light – which debuted 42 years ago – ensuring that its purpose, its integrity and its quality output remain the same, only with the added benefit of modern-day tech riding out underfoot.

Full-grain leather is draped across the boot’s upper, offering a rugged tan aesthetic throughout which is accompanied by one-piece leather at the tongue. This extra structuring in the tongue means that the silhouette keeps its shape while also locking rain and debris out.

And the weatherproof properties don’t stop there as a GORE-TEX membrane sits within the boot’s lining, making it not only waterproof but breathable as well. The GORE-TEX liner will wick away moisture too, making the intensity of your pursuits, no matter how chilled or extreme, a complete breeze.

Danner Mountain Light Boots Laces

Are the Danner Mountain Light boots comfortable?

The simple answer is yes, they’re superbly comfortable. Weighing in at just 62oz per pair, these boots are incredibly light on the feet so you’ll never feel like you’re hauling unnecessary bulk about. Another great thing about them is the fact they require little to no breaking in time. Imagine you’re going on a spur of the moment hike with the lads but don’t own suitable footwear for such trails, just swing by and pick up a pair of these and be on your merry way. It really is that fuss-free of a process.

Positioned underfoot is a Vibram® Kletterlift outsole, which, as you can already imagine, having derived from the rubber outsole pioneer, is wholly durable and reliable. The micro-cellular wedge construction is specifically designed with rocky terrain in mind and this is proven in its shock-absorbing aptitude, plus its unparalleled traction.

Danner Mountain Light Sole

How do the Danner Mountain Light Cascade boots fit?

Built on a 650 EE last, the Danner Mountain Light Cascade offers a relaxed, casual fit and therefore we recommend taking a half size down to your usual size. The employment of a stitchdown construction also widens the overall platform for the foot.

Danner Mountain Light Boots Cascade Clovis

If you needed an extra nudge in committing to buying these boots, we hope this blog suffices. The longstanding heritage, minimal wear-in time and rock-solid performance imbued into this boot already has us sold. It should have you sold too.

Shop the Danner Mountain Light Cascade Boots. Shop the entire Danner Boots Range.


Barbour International Jacket : Raceday Highlights

It’s no secret that Barbour know what they’re doing when it comes to wax jackets and the Barbour International jacket is about just about as much physical proof as you can get. Balancing just the right amount of rugged functionality with looks that remain as stylish as they were all those years ago, it’s no surprise the jacket remains steadfast amongst the South Shields based brand’s ranks.  So in a bid to acquaint the unacquainted and to give us another excuse to talk about proper good jackets, here is a full rundown on what makes the International so special.


Barbour International Wax Jacket


When Was The Barbour International Jacket First Made?

Originally known as the A7 Jacket, the first International jacket was made in 1936 by motorcycle enthusiast Duncan Barbour as a one piece wax cotton suit designed specifically for riders taking part in the Six Days Trails Event. Becoming the garment of choice for a number of International teams right up until the brand’s departure from the motorcycling world in 1977, it formed the base for what would not only become the Barbour International line, but the more lifestyle appropriate outerwear piece we now know and love today.


Barbour International Jacket Tartan Lining


What Is It Made From?

Dating all the way back to 1894, The International Jacket comes made from Barbour’s sylkoil waxed cotton. Considered by many as the more traditional method when compared the the more modern waxed finish, sylkoil is a ‘unshorn’ wax which is applied to the fabric straight from loom after dyeing. Characterised by its matte finish, softer texture and slightly more hardwearing properties, the treatment is odourless, less maintenance and ages over time for increased flexibility when worn and that quintessential heritage look. Teamed up with a a comfortable cotton lining decked out in the brand’s unmistakable tartan print and it’s easy to see why the International Jacket is considered a piece of menswear history.

However there are variations of the jacket which come made using different wax techniques such as the Barbour International Union Jack jacket (seen below). Not only does this iteration swap out the interior tartan lining for something a little more patriotic but it boasts additional patches to the chest for further branded appeal. Coated with a Thornproof treatment, the fabric is passed through heated rollers which results in a shinier appearance, stiffer feel and deeper colour.


Barbour International Union Jack Jacket


How does the International fit?

The original International jacket was more of a regular fit however for this iteration the jacket has been slightly modernised. By slightly slimming down the shape and cut of the garment it enhances that classic, cinched at the waist look leading to a more refined silhouette overall. We would recommend taking your usual size.


Barbour International Jacket Belt


Is The Barbour International Waterproof?

Not only is the Barbour International jacket waterproof, but it also breathable, durable and wind resistant. Of course waxed jackets do naturally require some upkeep in order to retain their protective qualities, if you’re looking for more information on this side of things you can find out more in our how to re-wax your Barbour jacket guide.


Barbour International Jacket


What Are The Key Features?

Merging contemporary updates with practical features designed for the world of motorcycles, the International comes packed to the seams with clever detailing that’s geared toward everyday wear. Equipped with a two-way zip and press stud secured storm flap for extra shielding from the elements, the jacket boasts an archive inspired funnel collar with neck clasp. Lined with corduroy to prevent any abrasion on the skin, an adjustable belt to the waist allows for further customisation of its already updated slim contemporary cut.

Bulked out with two-tone branded metal hardware and hits of the Barbour International’s signature black and yellow colour scheme throughout, the jacket provides ample storage capabilities to keep personal possessions secured. Situating a selection of flap bellow pockets to its outer face including two at hip level a further two pockets can be found to the chest one of which being the original angled, ‘map pocket’ which was created to offer easy access when riding. To the interior a subtle drop pocket stitched into the lining offers a more secure place for important goods.

Finished with adjustable cuffs to alter the jacket to your desired fit, a large ‘Barbour International’ patch to the front signifies its position in the various Barbour families whilst a more subtle logo tab can be found adjacent for a true mark of quality.

Shop the Barbour International jacket and more online now at Aphrodite.


New Balance 327

New Balance 327 Trainer Drops In Black / Grey

A Fresh Rendition of the New Balance 327 Has Landed

If you’re an avid footwear fan you’ll already know that the 327 silhouette from Boston-hailing sports imprint New Balance has been sending out some rather tangible airwaves since it debuted at the back end of 2020. In fact, its ubiquitous nature can be felt worldwide.

New Balance 327 Black

Fusing a nostalgic sensibility with unmatched comfort, the design has proved itself as an instant winner amongst the younger generation, with sneaker aficionados donning the statement shoe whenever and wherever they can, lockdown restrictions permitting, of course.  

New Balance 327 Sneakers

Various iterations of the New Balance 327 grace us for a blip in time and then almost instantly sell out, so you’ll be pleased to know that Aphrodite has a fresh batch of a wholly wearable black/grey version. Adorned with a nylon upper, suede overlays, a tonal lacing system and a contrasting white midsole, the shoe comes bolstered with a studded gum outsole that references the iconic NB 355 Trail Runner. As always, large ‘N’ profiles sign off the sidewall for an identifiable finish. 

New Balance 327 Footwear

Shop the latest New Balance 327 styles online now at Aphrodite while stocks last.

Comme des Garcons SHIRT Asics Tarther

Comme des Garcons SHIRT x Asics Tarther Trainers

The Comme des Garcons SHIRT x Asics Tarther has certainly had heads spinning as soon as it found its way through our shop doors. Taking the dad-shoe trend to the nth degree,  we certainly have a thing or two to discuss if you find yourself inclined to retro running sneaks. Keep reading below for the full scoop and shop them online now before they sadly inevitably leave us.


Comme des Garcons SHIRT x Asics Tarther Trainers


Following on from their widely successful work on the Gel Lyte III, Asics and Comme des Garcons SHIRT team up once again to add their sartorial touch to another classic sportswear silhouette. Focusing their gaze on what could be a spiritual adaption of the ’60s Tiger Runner, the Asics Tarther Sneaker deploys a selection of mixed-material, multi-layered magic to mark the next chapter of their collaborative partnership.


Comme des Garcons SHIRT x Asics Tarther Sneakers


Created from an outer leather casing which stretches from the toe to the heel, a combination of suede, mesh and textile makeup the remainder of their uppers, ensuring plenty of lightweight breathability / all-day comfort. Arriving with bold hits of blue and pink respectively, each pair receives a flecked gold coating for a subtle, but not overlooked, touch of high-end luxury.


Comme des Garcons x Asics Tarther


With branding to the side, tongue and heel taking care of the formalities, the trainers sit atop a newly conceived version of their running inspired sole. Utilising supportive materials such as EVA foam and constructed with a  striking mid-foot arch, a rubber outsole, complete with neon pops and glittered patterns, provides traction when on-foot.

The Comme des Garcons SHIRT x Asics Tarther Trainers are available now at Aphrodite.

Barbour Sports Jacket

Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket – Everything You Need To Know

The Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket Explored In Detail

Drawing influence from the iconic To Ki To Sports jacket – sported by Daniel Craig in the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall – Barbour Beacon’s Sports Jacket gives us normal folk an opportunity to flex our best 007 qualities, only on the surface though, we DON’T advise recreating those physical stunts at home. Leaving behind the over-head silhouette and storm flap of the To Ki To, this Beacon rendition pulls together heritage design cues and weather protective properties to deliver an eternally relevant outerwear choice. Sound up your street? Keep reading to further inform your purchase.

Fit & Structure of the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket

One thing to note when investing in this style is its streamline nature; it’s built on the slim side for added definition in the shoulders and waist. With this in mind, we recommend sizing up from your regular fit in order to maintain a flexible range of motion in your daily pursuits. The silhouette itself is framed like a sophisticated blazer with a stand-up collar that can be folded down and worn alongside neat lapels.

Sports Jacket Barbour Beacon

What is the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket Made From?

Landing on the mediumweight scale, the garment is not considered light, nor bulky, and therefore, it offers the wearer the best of both worlds. It’s made using 6oz sylkoil waxed cotton which is Barbour’s oldest, and some would argue – most durable – wax cotton. The employment of sylkoil renders this design rich in colour and water-resistant. So, if you’re facing a tricky day weather-wise, reach for the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket to keep you sheltered from untimely conditions.

Overlays in the form of leather-bound cuffs, shoulders and elbows supply texture and tone to the outer while further elevating the brand’s countryside credentials. A large swatch of tartan inside of the jacket also provides a quintessentially British look and feel.

Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket Green

Barbour Sports Jacket

How Many Pockets Does the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket Have?

If you’re the type of person that finds it hard to travel light, even while hot-footing it to the corner shop for a pint of milk, this jacket is perfect for you. Why you ask? Because it’s brimming with storage space. At the chest, a single pocket resides for stowing away your more minimised items, such as a shopping list or a handkerchief. Meanwhile, at the waist, two spacious bellow pockets button over to safeguard personal essentials, such as your phone, keys and wallet. And if all that room still wasn’t enough, flip the jacket over where two stealthily-placed zipped pockets reside close to the hemline.

Barbour Beacon Jacket Wax

Can I Machine Wash the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket?

Please do not run this garment through a washing machine. Due to the delicate characteristics of the waxed cotton, we recommend lightly sponging the exterior to buff away any unwanted marks that may appear over time.

From a form and a function stance, the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket has everything covered. It can be worn in a multitude of ways, it can shield you from inclement weather and it can carry a range of your essential items, all while bundling you in the brand’s instantly recognisable identity.

Shop the latest Barbour Beacon range online at Aphrodite.

adidas Barcelona Trainers

adidas Barcelona : The City Series Continues

When it comes to no nonsense, low profile designs and archive inspired detailing, you cant go far wrong then with the adidas ‘City Series.’ Drawing inspiration from various cultural hotbeds across the globe, some of the most sought after and rarely seen silhouettes grace its ranks including the newly refurbished adidas Barcelona.


adidas Barcelona


First released in the collections early days during the ’70s and ’80s, the adidas Barcelona has remained scarcely seen for the past 30 years. Rearing its head briefly in the latter stages of last year with a selection of minimal white predominately leather colourways, the trainer truly made a resurgence following its limited edition soiree with Manchester United.


adidas City Series Barcelona


Taking things in a completely new direction, this latest update to the Barcelona saga, sees more traditionally aligned fabrics deployed alongside a double helping of vibrant primary hues. Constructed from a supple suede fabric and utilising the fan favourite t-toe construction for additional support in areas of high stress, the trainers boast leather overlays to the heel and sides in the form of a triple helping of striped accents.

adidas Barcelona Sneakers

Below, the trainers lift their sole unit from that of their like-minded peer, the Trimm Trab. Adding a slightly yellowed appearance as a nod to its vintage roots and slimming down the proportions just a touch to fit seamlessly into modern day styling, embossed branded can be found to the rear quarter. With further logos found to the tongue as well as a contrasting trefoil to the back, the Barcelona is finished with a metallic gold namesake motif, for easy identification when on-foot.

Get your hands on the adidas ‘City Series’ Barcelona now online at Aphrodite.