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Stone Island

Stone Island: 5 Things You May Not Know

Known for their fiercely innovative approach and long list of refined fabrics, complex treatments and expert dyeing procedures, Stone Island are undoubtedly one of the most widely recognised and influential brands in modern day existence. Having permeated into sub-cultural movements around the globe the brand have spent the past 38 years putting out some of the most strikingly sought after garments in fashion history.

Many of us may think we know all there is to know about the Italian powerhouse’s history but, much like many of the iconic jackets they devise, there’s a lot more hiding beneath the surface that, dare we say, even the most die hard of Stone Island fan may be unaware of. So with that in mind and to test your knowledge on all things compass patch we thought we would compile a list of 5 things you may not know about  Stone Island.


Massimo Osti

Photo credit Pinterest


Stone Island Wasn’t Intentional

As many people may already know Stone Island was founded by non-other than the legendary designer Massimo Osti, but did you know that the brand was originally a diffusion line? Before laying the foundations of what we now know as the modern day Stone Island in 1982, Otsi was hard at work researching, manufacturing and engineering a selection of textiles and fibres to use in his various CP Company collections having established the brand 11 years prior.

During his experimentation Osti was inspired by the fabric which was used on the tarpaulin of military trucks, drawing from it as his source material to develop a two-tone, durable membrane that gave the now signature worn-in finish found on many of the brand’s garment to this day. Officially dubbed Tella Stella, despite struggles to align the heavyweight cotton with his CP endeavours, Osti knew he was onto something special, making the decision to instead piece together 7 individually crafted jackets that would become the first ever Stone Island branded collection.


Joseph Conrad

Photo credit Harvard Magazine


Origins of the name

From the beginning Osti knew he needed a strong name and identity to regiment his latest creations under. The name Stone Island was actually derived from the novels of Ukrainian born writer Joseph Conrad. Delving into his novels they extracted the two most recurring words from his texts, ‘stone’ and ‘island’. There are also those that say it was named such due to their use of pumice stones during the washing process to break down the rigidity of fibres, such as the brand’s debut Tella Stella material, or to symbolise the brands’s close affiliation with the use of water during several stages of the fabrication process.


Stone Island Patches

Photo credit Pinterest


More Than Meets The Patch

The Stone Island patch is arguably one of the most iconic and easily distinguishable features of the brand. No matter how left-field and exploratory their fabrics, cuts or silhouettes get, a garment can easily be identified from a circular flash of black, green and yellow. Purposely made fully removable nature due to Osti’s fascination with the details of military pieces he found during his many visits to the flea markets of the ’70s. Officially named the wind rose, much like the name itself, it conjures up nautical themes and represents Stone Island’s never-ending pursuit of evolutionary endeavours.

Originally framed by a green border up until 2000, Stone Island make use of a number of subtle changes in appearance to differentiate their troupe. From the blacked out Shadow Project patch and monochromatic ghost patches to the scarcely seen mesh patches, one off anniversary patch and the white / black, ‘champagne’ patch that signifies limited pieces which utilise in-house fabrics.


Stone Island dyes

Photo credit Stone Island


Colour Chemistry

Garment dyeing is no doubt the bread and butter of Stone Island’s masterful output so it should come as no surprise to hear that they have their own dedicated colour laboratory which focuses on researching new hues but different techniques in which they can be applied to finished pieces to best suit each fabrics unique properties and make up. Through hard-work and dedication they have currently created over 60,000 bespoke recipes a number that continues to grow season to season.



Technical Fabrics

We’ve said it once but we will say it again Stone Island know their way around a fabric or two. With a strong functional and militaristic undercurrent to the majority of their output the brand have fashioned everything from thermo-sensitive garments which fluctuate in appearance based on the temperature – such as the ICE range – to garments coated with a stainless steel / bronze film and even, in the case of the Liquid Glass collection, jackets which employ thousands of glass microspheres to reflect light as the wearer moves. If that wasn’t enough the brand have also been know to implement some of the worlds toughest materials like Kevlar and Dyneema, create glow in the dark finishes and even combine polar opposites such as leather and aluminium into one creation.

So there we have it, let us know in the comments if you knew any already or if you have any fascinating Stone Island titbits that we missed. If you would like more information to satiate your Stone Island cravings check out our brand guide or you can shop our latest arrivals here.

Tiger King Netflix March 2020

Social Distancing & Netflix Binging

Keeping Occupied In Quarantine

When your home office shuts up shop for the day and you’ve already exhausted that cherished exercise allowance, naturally, your attention will soon wander to remaining sane in the evening time when faced with the virtually unheard of, until now, prospect of social distancing. Even before these unprecedented times, Netflix very graciously geared up a space that allowed our minds to unwind – serving up some well earned downtime from the constant hustle and bustle of daily life. So with that said, and given the amount that we’ll all be leaning on the streaming service in the coming weeks, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some seriously good Netflix binging to be had whilst living solo… Thank us later!

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

New to Netflix for March and already causing quite the stir on social media in the short time since its release, ‘Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness’ introduces us to the celebrity of ‘Joe Exotic’ – real name, Joseph Maldonado-Passage. Not your ‘average Joe’ by any means, Exotic is a mulleted, Hulk Hogan-meets-country western character described by his real-life peers as truly ‘mythical’. The narrative uncovers America’s unbridled problem with big cat captivity, following the industry’s ‘misfits’ as they strive for commercial reign and play with some serious fire. Eventually hitting a dark twist, this true story captures Exotic’s murder-for-hire arrest against one of his biggest rivals and the so-called ‘Mother Teresa’ of the big cat market, Carole Baskin. 

  • All 7 episodes available now on Netflix.

Tiger King Joe Exotic

Sunderland ‘Til I Die Series 2 (or series 1 if you’re yet to catch it)

For anyone that doesn’t know, we’re proud Sunderland natives and the official team news sponsor of Sunderland Association Football Club, so this one’s particularly fitting for us and our immediate customer base. The sports documentary series, first released at the back end of 2018, followed the club on its journey through the 2017-2018 league season, with exclusive behind the scenes footage following the highs and lows of SAFC and its fans through pretty pressing times. On the contrary, series 2 promises more uplifting notes and better odds than the last; the lads race for league promotion under the helm of new ownership, a new manager and the same staunch fans as always. No matter what unfolds this time around, Sunderland we can’t help falling in love with you… Let’s have it.

  • Returning to Netflix April 1st, 2020.

Sunderland 'Til I Die

Power Series 1-6

With a total of six seasons to devour at the drop of a hat, 50 Cent’s crime drama series ‘Power’ ticks every binging criteria about. Crowned one of Netflix’s most highly rated shows, ‘Power’ follows the rogue lifestyle of James St. Patrick or ‘Ghost’ as he’s better known in the streets, alongside his partner in crime, Tommy Egan, as they negotiate the underground drug scene in NYC. Though trying to maintain legitimate enterprise on the surface, Jamie and Tommy quickly find themselves drowning in the conflicts of thug-life. Expect a heap of renegade behaviour and criminal shenanigans.

  • All six series’ available for Netflix binging now.

Power Season 6

The English Game

Also new to Netflix for March and from the fabled creator of ‘Downton Abbey’, writer Julian Fellowes takes us on a trip back in time with 19th century drama ‘The English Game’, centred on two gifted footballers flanked by intense rivalry and eye-opening class division. Based upon true events, the series unveils the industry’s profit-making origins while showcasing the game’s now seldom-seen formations as its characters hog the ball as if bees around honey. Both informative and staggering, the show’s standout star ‘Fergus Suter’ – real name Kevin Guthrie, is an up and coming actor that we reckon is destined for greatness.

– Catch all 6 episodes on Netflix now.

The English Game Netflix

After Life Series 2

British comedy series ‘After Life’ is back on our screens come April 24th, so, if self-isolation is still a thing by then, count our Netflix binging down as sorted for the foreseeable. Directed and produced by the legendary Ricky Gervais, series 1 shone light on his character Tony Way through life’s trying times. Having sadly lost his wife to breast cancer, Tony unleashes his fury on the world and the surrounding cast as a coping mechanism for his grief. Though a somber situation remains at the core of this sitcom, the sarky, dry-wit of Way’s personality and his beloved four-legged friend, Brandy, make it an unmissable watch. Catch up with Tony’s brazen ways later next month.

– Returning to Netflix April 24th, 2020.

After Life Series 2

Stay safe and stay sane guys, we hope to see you soon – Aphrodite Team.

*Imagery Credit – all Netflix*

5 Things To Do During-Self Isolation

With the effects of Coronavirus being felt worldwide many of us may find ourselves spending a lot more time at home. Whilst it can be easy to let the overwhelming gravity of the situation begin to weigh you down and allow the upheaval in routine to displace well-formed habits, there are some things which you could do to bring about some beneficial influence into your daily life. It’s true what they say, small efforts can have big impacts which is why, to give you a starting block to build upon, we’ve pulled together an isolation itinerary of five things you can do whilst we all do our bit during the quarantine.

Clean your sneakers

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life the upkeep of our footwear can often get shifted towards the bottom of the priority list. Whether you’re adamant that they look better, ‘beat up’ or guilty of relentlessly putting the task off, this substantial increase of time spent indoors could be the perfect time to treat some of even your rotations longest serving members to a well needed, and long overdue, helping of TLC.

Not only will the process give you a gleaming arsenal of trainers to choose from for those first steps back out into the great outdoors but regular maintenance helps with the longevity and prevents the build up of nasty smells, stains and discolouration. If you’re looking for a starting point we recently made a video guide detailing step-by-step how to bring even the most tired pairs back from the brink and we have a huge selection of cleaning products up for grabs from Jason Markk, Crep protect and Sneakers ER for you to experiment with. Who knows, in the manic landscape we currently find ourselves in, you may even find the process somewhat cathartic.

Re-wax jackets

Of course its not just the footwear that could be due some some well needed attention, now could also be the ideal time to revitalise any wax jackets you have at your disposal. Similarly this can also be a task we may find ourselves procrastinating over, but the truth is regular re-waxing can go a long way in not only retaining your jackets quality but improving its practicality, durability and weather resistance.

Despite waxed cotton being one of the most robust fabrics used in clothing it can with repeated wear start to become dried out in areas of regular abrasion, such as armpits, pockets and creases leading to not only a change in the overall look of the garment but decreased levels of functionality. In short, when looked after correctly your jacket should see you through years of service and for those of us in possession of a Barbour garment, you can find just the wax for the job here.

Organise wardrobe

Organising your wardrobe is a great way to freshen up an area and clear out some space indoors. Through the simple act of spending some time to take stock of the clothing that you own, you can clear out unwanted garments, discover forgotten gems and possibly even make some money in the process. Whether it’s the satisfaction of regimentation you crave or the ability to concisely weigh up pairing options, clearing out your wardrobe can also lead to more conscious consumption habits, allowing you to make more informed choices to fill gaps in your outfitting and build your wardrobe around foundational key pieces.

Of course we would always recommend choosing eco-friendly and sustainable options to dispose of your unwanted clothing or footwear such as selling, recycling or charity shop donation.

Begin or maintain an exercise routine

Despite being stuck inside it is important to still look after ourselves and either focus on maintaining previously established routines or taking the first steps toward putting them in place. With gyms closed and a good number of us left without equipment now more than ever its easy to exchange regular exercise for an extended Netflix session but it’s important to remember that staying mobile can be a great way to boost positive feelings, release pent up energy and ensure our bodies fill up on the required psychical activity they need to stay fit. A quick online search will reveal any number of workout plans, nutritional information and advice with anything from HIIT, bodyweight and even live streamed classes on offer to work up a sweat in the confines of your familiar four walls.

Start your passion project

Do you find yourself with a more time on your hands during self-isolation? Ever dreamed of becoming an artist? Learning the guitar? Or do you want to get really good at making a curry? Well now is the perfect time! With many of lifes social aspects out the window that pipe dream passion project has never seemed so tantalisingly close. By applying that new found wiggle room in your schedule you could open yourself up to the opportunity you’ve been looking for to sink some hours into mastering a new skill. No matter what it is or how insignificant it seems honing your craft can be a great way to turn negatives into positives and challenge yourself day to day.


adidas SL7600

adidas SL7600 : Vintage Meets Modern

The adidas SL7600 are set to surface on our shores very soon so in preparation for their arrival, and to show off some of their best bits, we thought we would share some words on what is sure to be an instant footwear classic.

As the age old saying goes you can never have too much of a good thing, and adidas’ Super Light lineup is the perfect example. Originally conceived during the ’70s to service the needs of athletes taking part in the Munich Olympics, not only was the SL series responsible for supplying the goods when it came to the age old question of weight vs performance, but it held its own in an era long turf war with arguably some of the fiercest competition in running history.

adidas SL7600

Utilising a robust array of stellar three stripped source material, adidas’ next addition to their featherweight family comes in the form of the SL7600. As forward thinking in name as they are in construction, the sneakers mix a best of both worlds culmination of vintage old school class, cutting-edge ingenuity and on-trend multi-faceted design that is sure to please even the most traditionalist of trefoil fanatic.

adidas SL7600

Crafted using both rugged suede overlays, nubuck accents and a breathable nylon base, the trainers boast a D-ring lacing system, similar to those found in both the Trimm Star / SL76, as well as iconic T-toe detailing. Further enhanced with a blanketing of minimal white which serves to add a subdued touch to the overall proportions of the silhouette, the SL7600 truly shines when it comes to underfoot cushioning.

adidas SL7600

Not only can an authentic jagged traction outsole be found to improve on-foot grip but an EVA midsole sees its already superior cushioning properties bolstered by a selection of comforting BOOST foam inserts. Finished with a branded tongue and tonal three striped sides, the SL7600 is a true homage to some of the key defining moments in adidas history, highlighting pivotal moments in the brand’s past and perhaps making nods to their not so distant future.

The adidas SL7600 is available online and in store at Aphrodite 01/04/20, 00:001am.

adidas SL7600


Stussy Drop 2 SS20

Stüssy SS20 Drop 2: Preview

Take Your First Glimpse at Stussy SS20 Drop 2

Hot on the heels of its inaugural 2020 collection, Cali born and bred label Stussy returns to Aphrodite this month with a fresh batch of spring/summer preened offerings. Building on the comfort-rich constructions and patterned palettes of preceding issues, Stussy SS20 Drop 2 sees a number of essential fits find their way onto our shelves.

Designed for when balmy climates set in, the capsule’s t-shirt assortment is both breezy and vibrant; expect a kaleidoscope of hues, ranging anywhere from candy pink to sunshine yellow. Of course, there are more subdued iterations too, navys, whites and other pared-back colourways can be picked up within the offering, teamed with striped silhouettes and seldom hits of colour blocking for an unexpected dose of colour clashing.

Stussy Logo TShirt

Also amidst the lineup, and sitting perfectly within the utility-wise zeitgeist, is a checkerboard black and blue gilet. Though not your average menswear staple, this sleeveless piece will assemble effortlessly with neutral tones, while adding texture and industry-approved credentials to your outfit. Below we’ve opted to style the off-kilter garment with Stussy’s signature Snooker Ball tee – also available at Aphrodite when Stussy SS20 Drop 2 launches later this week.

Stussy Gilet SS20

To finish, the brand’s iconic typeface hits garments in their dozens. Discover Shawn Stussy’s emblematic scribble across the entire Drop 2 capsule, surfacing on tees, sweats, outerwear and accessories, with added punctuation from the imprint’s main hotspots, comprising New York, Los Angeles, Londo, Paris and finally, Tokyo.

Get your hands on Stussy SS20 Drop 2 when the collection becomes available in store and online from 13/03/2020 at 9am.


Polo Sport

Polo Ralph Lauren: Sophisticated Sportswear

If you have a thing for bold branding, eye watering colour blocking and smartly dressed bears, you’ll no doubt be filled to the brim with excitement at the first glimpse of this all new Polo Ralph Lauren gear. Providing a preppy twist on athleisure sensibilities you can find almost everything you need to satisfy that yacht club certified itch with technical fleeces, pockets aplenty jackets and low key embroidered essentials ready and waiting to deliver a substantial slice of collegiate cool. Take a glimpse below and shop the full collection here. 


Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren


Achieve ICON Status With DSquared

Known for their high quality denim, intricate embellishments and larger than life attitude, DSquared are a brand that certainly need no introduction. Having spent years outfitting a selection of some of the most well-known celebrity figures and more recently football players, the brothers employ a wealth of global influences throughout their all encompassing collections, resulting in easily wearable clothing with plenty of visual punch. Take a look at some recent DSquared snaps we put together below, or shop the collection here.


DSquared2 New Arrivals

DSquared2 New

DSquared2 Latest

DSquared2 Editorial

DSquared2 T-Shirt

DSquared2 Outfit

DSquared2 New Arrivals

DSquared Icon Caps

DSquared Hats: Status-Heavy Street Style

The Range of DSquared Hats Set To Dominate SS20

When streetwear locked down the menswear industry a few years ago, no one could have predicted its long-standing stature, but like any stark shift that occurs within fashion, designers were to waste little time gaining access to the movement, turning out myriads of slick garments and accessories that spoke to the scene’s most stylish denizens.

Quick off the mark, luxury clothing label DSquared uncovered a penchant for the resurging urban landscape, and with that came a new-age in the street-ready zeitgeist. The brand’s products, which regularly carry the now-synonymous ‘ICON’ slogan, quickly gained immense traction, and DSquared hats became a standout style across the board; turning into an essential access point for every customer hoping to grasp the imprint’s sartorial prestige.

Utilising a classic baseball design, DSquared’s cap range can be found through almost every corner of the globe, gracing the crowns of athletes, celebrities, millennials and the fashion world’s elite, and luckily for you, we’re found ourselves in the possession of some of the designer’s latest headwear styles. Take a look below at what DSquared hats are on offer for the SS20 season, and if you find one that particularly pleases, don’t waste too much time deliberating, these caps don’t hang about for long!

DSquared Icon Cap – Black £135

Melding Dean and Dan Caten’s Canadian-Milanese aesthetic perfectly, this DSquared cap is crafted to exacting standards in Italy, employing a five-panel cotton-twill construction to frame the wearer’s head in a range of branded credentials. To the face, the design is headlined with the label’s ‘ICON’ mantra, while to each side, further wording spills out onto the base in a contrasting tone of white.

DSquared Icon Hats

DSquared Denim Cap – Blue £149

Perfect for anyone hoping to announce their arrival at casual occasions, this DSquared hat will add a statement touch to every ensemble. Built with a reinforced crown and five panels, its bold, decorative branding is mirrored symmetrically across its base which also features embroidered eyelets in tonal hues for heightened breathability under balmy temperatures.

DSquared Logo Hat

DSquared Mirror Logo Cap – White £125

Refreshing in all white, the next DSquared hat calls upon warmer times, making it the perfect accessory to pack away into your suitcase this summer. Sure to shield you from sun-drenched locations, this iteration is adorned with vibrant embroidery, whereby DSquared’s moniker is playfully turned on its head, while at the reverse, brand founders Dean and Dan Caten literally sign off the design.

DSQ2 Hat

DSquared Icon Cap – Black / White £115

Hit with frayed accents at its peak for a distinctively lived-in look, this monochrome DSquared cap is emblazoned with the brand’s instantly-recognisable ‘ICON’ signature at its crown, while embroidered eyelets and an adjustable slider both promise to support needs for fit and function.

DSQ2 Icon Hat

Wherever you’re heading to this season, don’t leave the decorative edge and sought-after status of DSquared hats behind. Shop SS20 styles in-store and online at Aphrodite now.

Stussy SS20

Stussy SS20 Collection: First Look

Brand Staples Are Steered Into A Subversive New Direction.  

Informed by the breezy, laidback living of America’s west coast, Stussy’s SS20 offering is exactly as it states; a capsule that perfectly personifies the two warmer seasons simultaneously, utilising myriads of saturated hues, psychedelic prints and an assortment of comfort-heavy silhouettes.

It goes without saying that this season’s collection is wholly littered in Jan Stussy’s iconic signature; a scribble now so recognisable that it’s almost become a byword for the tranquil vibrations of Laguna Beach – Shawn Stussy’s Cali native – and the streetwear scene as a collective. In addition to the label’s unwavering, seasonless typeface, an abundance of habitual designs also resume their tenancy within the Stussy SS20 collection; think loose-fitting, fleece-lined sweats that call on Stussy’s longtime skating credentials and bucket hats designed for shielding Orange County’s sun-drenched visage.

Stussy SS20 Collection

Presenting a welcomed twist on the norm, this exemplary SS20 Stussy hoodie (pictured below) comes draped in blacked-out cotton, featuring the brand’s printed logo minimised to the chest, accompanied by a trio of surrounding colourful dots. To the reverse, the hooded garment boasts a series of abstract illustrations, including an image of a gorilla and nature visuals, which merge to the tune of ‘Stussy International Design Corporation’ wording, demonstrating and then elevating the idiosyncratic taste of the streetwear stalwart – as we’ve encountered a number of times throughout previous seasons.

Stussy SS20 Hoodie

For those with a penchant for Stussy outerwear, these next two styles are sure to please. Bundled in a shade of mustard with overlays of eye-catching tie-dye, Stussy’s latest polar fleece is guaranteed to turn heads; as well as its super-soft texture, the garment is also equipped with a mock neck for sealing out cool drafts, while its three-pocket construction wears the label’s moniker on its sleeve like a badge of industry honour. And for those not brave enough to wear the previously mentioned pullover? Turn your attention to the collection’s more pared-back anorak, available in both all-black and this diffused yellow colourway (pictured below), featuring a half-zip closure with storm flap, concealed chest pocket and unmissable branding.

Stussy SS20 Polar Fleece

Stussy Clothing

On the whole, the Stussy SS20 collection is leisurely and dynamic. Conventional, comforting shapes are imbued with a range of off-kilter accents, accessories are practical and weather-ready yet remain band on-trend, while hues are varied in tone and vibrancy, promising, in turn, to command an audience down in the streets without over-stepping the mark. Accumulate a dependable, Cali-endorsed rotation from this entire Stussy SS20 serving – available at Aphrodite in-store and online from 21/02/2020.