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Cruel Winter Is Coming?

We’re in the eye of a seemingly perpetual Kanye album release storm. With 3 projects still generating the typical disturbance seen from anything associated to Mr.West, a still fresh venture alongside the legendary MC Nas and a forthcoming foray with Teyanna Taylor to bookend this five album drop, it’s been the most divisive time in Kayne’s distant past.

Depending on your view, and that’s just like, your opinion, man, the recent offerings from GOOD music’s head honcho have either been his best work yet or a woefully misguided and rushed vanity dump from a man in the midst of serious mental health issues. What we can all agree on, is that it has reinvigorated a label that constantly kept pushing the boundaries as not just a record label, but leaders of a subculture. The pinnacle of GOOD music’s cultural stamp, Cruel Summer, brought us the mainstream crossover of trap rap, the creative direction from one Virgil Abloh, the joint performances across the globe and the rebirth of 2 Chainz amongst other groundbreaking things. It’s album credits are vaster than it’s budget, taking form as more of a novel than album liner notes. It was the biggest collective at the pinnacle of its power and after a tumultuous time of late for most involved, we can only hope that this sudden burst of creativity brings us what we all need. Cruel Winter.

The speculation started just a month after the release of Cruel Summer, with notable absentee from the project, Q-Tip, revealing to MTV news in late 2012 “…If there’s a Cruel Summer then there’s got to be a Cruel Winter, right?”. With that, the rumour mill flooded with ‘will they won’t they’ views from the paramount players. Even Kanye referenced it in his now legendary “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS, SWAY!” Interview cycle (how those were simpler times) taking to famed radio station Philadelphia’s Power 99, to reveal that “I go back and forth on it. But we keep on missing the winter… We thinking about dropping a Cruel Winter, I like to put out more product. I’d like to have an album out by next summer, so…”For as much of everyone’s posturing on the subject and inability to answer the damn question, we’ve still been treat to an album trailer and lead single. So what gives?

On top of all this speculation, wouldn’t you love to see the GOOD music roster have another crack at a record, especially with their most recent signees offering new blood and unique ideas to the illustrious fold? 070 Shake, a particular stalwart who gained attention with her show-stealing features on the recent Good Music releases, has a TBA project surely primed to drop in the run-up to this winter. Francis and the Lights, fresh from their mega single ‘Friends’, are still yet to register a project under GOOD Music since their signing, same for hotly tipped MC Sheck Wes, who the jury is still out on (the guy is an oddball). Valee, the first GOOD Music artist to drop a project this year, is begging for a feature on a Kanye track. We haven’t forgotten about Desiigner either, we just need THAT sound effect and we’re good.

For those of you still asking why all of a sudden we should start caring, thanks for sticking it out so far, but a prospective release would also see a multitude of options presented to us. Here is our 5 pence.

1. Cruel Winter drops February 2019 – Featuring Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Nas, Chance The Rapper, Travis $cott, Big Sean, Bon Iver, GOOD Music Family, Very GOOD Beats, Ye and Jay-Z’s long-awaited reconciliation, Tupac’s hologram, Drake and Pusha T’s verbal back and forth and eventual reconciliation over a 40 beat and Kanye’s literal ascension to the sky.

2. Cruel Winter drops flops and stops any last bit of credibility that Kanye might have had before, everyone in the industry shuns him. He becomes a recluse, his Adidas line is designed and delivered via carrier eagle from the West-Kardashian household in the uttermost area of Wyoming, finally bowing out of the spotlight till one day once the hate has died down, when Drake’s ghostwriters are finally revealed and Kendrick gives up because it just isn’t fun anymore, when finally, one Yeezy duck boot step at a time, Kanye descends, ready to take back the throne with a little help from his friends.

3 – The Wildcard. Trump / Kanye 2020
God bless us all.

Noel Gallagher

How to Get Noel Gallagher’s Brit Awards 2017 Look

The 2017 BRIT Awards saw many newsworthy moments as usual, from the diverse range of award winners to the house falling off the stage during Katy Perry’s performance. One of the more poignant moments came when the late, great David Bowie was awarded the Best British Album award for his phenomenal Blackstar. Bowie’s son, film director Duncan Jones, accepted the award on his behalf, presented by Noel Gallagher.

As usual, Noel was impeccably turned out in a dark shirt, jeans, and a fantastic tan suede jacket. A classic casual look, whether you’re at an awards show or just watching one on the telly, we’ve put together an quick guideline to help you capture a little of Mr. Gallagher’s effortless swagger.

Noel Gallagher Brit Awards



Oliver Spencer Suede Jacket in Tan

Oliver Spencer Suede Jacket in Tan

Norse Projects Anton Oxford Shirt in Navy

Norse Projects Anton Oxford Shirt in Navy

Nudie Grim Tim Jeans in Dry Black

Nudie Grim Tim Jeans in Dry Black

Virtual Abbey Road Studio Tour

Tour The Famous Abbey Road Studio

Google have teamed up with production agency Stinkdigital to create an online interactive  experience which allows the user to tour the famous Abbey Road Studios, learn about the recoding process and even play around and try out some of the equipment.

Taking interactive experiences to a new level, the tour allows the user to play with the J37 4-track recorder, which was used to record the Beatles iconic Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, along with taking a guided tour from producer Giles Martin or DJ Lauren Laverne and exploring different parts of the complex learning about the history of the Studio or even find out how vinyl is cut.

The tour has enabled music fans to get a closer look to the legendary studio from the comfort of their own home. Archived images and videos can be unlocked as the tour progresses, making this more then just a interactive guide, but a learning source.

Google Creative Lab project lead Tom Seymour says: “We’re always looking at how we can use technology to bring people closer to cultural icons and institutions around the world.”

Visit the interactive tour here

Published by Sarah Kearney, Online Editor at Aphrodite Clothing

New Kurt Cobain Album Set To Be Released

The news that all you Kurt Cobain fans have been waiting for is finally over, a new album is due to be released later this year, according to documentary maker Brett Morgen. Morgen was given unrestricted access to Cobain’s storage facility, which included home videos and cassettes, many never seen before. He also came across 200 hours of never before heard music, from which the record has been put together. The documentary also takes a deeper look into the life of Kurt Cobain revealing secrets even the biggest Nirvana fans don’t know about.

During a recent interview, the film maker said that the album ” will be made up of home recordings that will make you feel like you’re kind of hanging out with Kurt. Its going to really surprise people”. Jam sessions with Nirvana and Courtney Love were found along with covers of the likes of the Beatles, including the long lost cover of ‘And I Love Her’.

The documentary will be aired for its television debut on May 4th in the US on HBO and we suspect a UK release will be followed soon after.

To read the full article head over to Spin

Published by Sarah Kearney, Online Editor at Aphrodite Clothing

Record Store Day 2014

Record Store DayToday is a very important date on the music calendar. Record Store Day celebrates independent record shops, with bands releasing unique one-off vinyl to support the day. The release of this material results in music lovers waiting for hours on end outside record stores to get their hands on limited edition records. This year’s releases come from the likes of Oasis, who released a re-mastered 12 inch single of ‘Supersonic,’ Paul Weller, The Rolling Stones and many more.


Record Store Day started in 2007 to celebrate the unique quality of over 700 independent record stores of the USA, the date began to become recognisable in the UK and this year will mark seven years of the celebration of independent British music. It’s all about supporting your local record store

Shopping at Pop Recs

To mark the occasion, we supported and made a trip to one of Sunderland’s Independent record stores, Pop Recs Ltd. The store is ran by local band Frankie & the Heartstrings (follow @FrankieStrings on Twitter), and appeals as a place where people can drink coffee, watch live bands and look through vinyl. In honour of Record Store Day, bands were playing and DJs were doing their sets whilst locals drank Red Stripe and enjoyed the atmosphere.

We hope you got what you queued up for this Record Store Day, and look forward to next year when the celebration of vinyl continues.

Public Service Broadcasting

Pop Recs Ltd