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CP Company Mille Miglia Goggle Jacket

CP Company Mille Miglia Video

CP Company Mille Miglia Jacket

CP Company is renowned for their infamous CP Company Mille Miglia Goggle Jacket initially taking inspiration from the old Mille Miglia race. This vibrant CP Company Mille Miglia red piece from the Autumn Winter 2016 collection features a ribbed front and back for additional insulation whilst the iconic goggles feature to the hood. Priced at £295.00, the CP Company goggle jacket is available to purchase from or in our Sunderland based store.

Watch the video below to see the jacket in full HD detail.


TheHoxtonTrend Visits Aphrodite

Menswear YouTuber TheHoxtonTrend made the long trip up from London to Sunderland a few weeks ago to visit Aphrodite. Over a period of a few hours the guys were shown around the store, picked out their favourite pieces and conducted a video walkabout in-store.

The first video has made its way to their YouTube channel now which is rapidly gaining followers due to its dedication to mens fashion and in particular showcasing the likes of Stone Island, Moncler, C.P Company, Y-3 and Belstaff to name just a few. All of the pieces featured in the video are available from the Aphrodite website and any additional information you require can be found by contacting our friendly customer services team on 0191 5675898 or [email protected].



How To Clean Suede Trainers

A Guide On How To Clean Your Suede Trainers

Are you the type of person who loves to keep their suede shoes clean? If so, you can follow our guide on how to clean suede with essential Jason Markk UK products.

Jason Markk UK

Image courtesy of Jason Markk UK


You’ll Need

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Solution

Jason Markk Premium Brush

Jason Markk Microfiber towel

The Steps

Before you begin, be cautious of dyed suede as the colour can bleed when in contact with water.

  1. First of all, use the brush to remove any dirt lying on the surface of the shoe.
  2. Fill a bowl of water and dip the brush into it, applying an appropriate amount of shoe cleaning solution to the brush before dipping it back in the water
  3. Shake any excess water from the brush before scrubbing the entire suede area evenly. You can repeat this depending on how much you need to clean the suede.
  4. After cleaning, it’s time to focus on the drying process. Grab your microfiber towel, it’s important to move fast in order to absorb the water.
  5. Use the dab and twist method, repeating several times before allowing to dry naturally.
  6. After an hour or two, work the nap back and forth with the premium brush, then allow to dry naturally. Make sure you keep working the nap back and forth several times throughout, until the shoes are completely dry.

You can purchase Jason Markk products on our website, did you find this guide useful? Watch an exclusive Jason Markk video below on the suede cleaning process.

Video courtesy of Jason Markk UK on Vimeo

Jason Markk | How To Clean Suede from Jason Markk on Vimeo.


How To Re-Wax Your Barbour Jacket

UK based heritage brand Barbour are world renowned for their waxed jackets and we often get a number of customers how they go about re-waxing their favourite jacket. Barbour have now put together a video showing the entire process from start to finish.

You can purchase a tin of the Barbour Thornproof dressing from our website priced at £9.95

How To Clean Your Sneakers With Jason Markk

Jason Markk has teamed up with the Sole Collector blog to produce this great video with a demonstration of his cleaning products. Focusing their attention on the Nike Flyknit in this particular video, Jason Markk uses his quality products such as the cleaning fluid, microfibre cloth and premium cleaning brush to get these Nike’s that have seen a better day, back to their former glory.

Head on over to the Aphrodite website now and shop our range of Jason Markk products that you see featured in the video

Nike Inner Strength Video – Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquaio Nike

Nike have recently producing videos focusing on Inner Strength and this week have focused on boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao. With only days to go until the Filipino steps into the ring with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas in what is being billed as the biggest fight in history, Nike have delved into the boxer’s training and preparation methods.

Pacquiao doesn’t just have the weight of 100 million Filipino’s on his shoulders but also has expectations of promoters, trainers, media and millions of fans upon him. His focus and inner strength becomes just as important as his training in the quest to be the best of the best in his chosen profession.

You can watch the video below or head on over to Highsnobiety where you can read the full article

Nike Signs Top NFL Draft Propspect Marcus Mariota

Nike NFL

Photo via

Nike have added to their roster of top athletes by signing one of the top prospects for this years NFL Draft in Marcus Mariota. The Oregon Quarterback is one of the stars of this years top crop of college players entering the NFL Draft in less than 10 days time and Nike have been quick to sign him to their books. Mariota’s potential has always been there to see for anyone tracking his progress through college. A fantastic athlete who is as good running with the ball as he is throwing it, Nike have took a gamble that there is enough potential to see him transition into a star of the NFL.

Rumour has it that as well as Mariota, Nike have signed Jameis Winston (which would potentially see them with the top 2 picks in the draft) as well as Melvin Gordon, Amari Cooper and Todd Gurley.

Nike will hope that the signing will have a better impact than last years star signing, Johnny Manziel who struggled with his first season in the NFL.

You can read more about the signing of these young NFL players over on Sneakernews

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Watch What Stone Island Has In Store For Spring Summer 2015

Stone Island

Stone Island consistantly pushes the boundaries of technical menswear along with their world renowned garment dyeing and fabric research. From their base in Ravarino, Italy, the brand trawl their vast archives to look for inspiration from previous collections, assessing what worked and what could have been bettered.

It is this undeniable, steadfast drive to improve upon their previous collections that draws in Stone Island customers who are some of the most loyal around. Their passion for the brand is somewhat inherited from the enthusiasm and love that CEO Carlo Rivetti shows for Stone Island. When a company CEO talks about his products with such vigour it is not to listen and take on board some of that passion.

Each collection from the brand is eagerly anticipated and rather than release all of the products for that season at once, the brand tends to send out ‘drops’ of clothing that drum up even more interest from the fans of Stone Island.

We’ve had our first few drops of the Spring Summer 2015 collection, but Stone Island have recently produced this video giving us a glimpse into what are some of the highlights from the collection.

If you want ask us anything about the Stone Island brand, please email our friendly team on [email protected] who will be happy to assist your query in any way possible.

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High Snobiety Interviews Carlo Rivetti Of Stone Island

Stone IslandCarlo Rivetti

If you have an interest in fashion or various other of it’s plethora of genres that it covers, you will know all about Highsnobiety. Now seen as one of the largest trend-setting blogs on the web. For the past few years, coupled with its print magazine, it has steadily built up a firm following and gained a reputation for bringing the best of fashion, music, art and lifestyle to the public.

Highsnobiety TV have had unprecedented access to the Stone Island headquarters in Ravarino, Italy and spoken directly to Stone Island CEO Carlo Rivetti. Split into two fascinating videos, Part 1 takes a look at the huge storage facility and speaks to Rivetti about the fabric and dyeing processes whereby he gives away some insights into the development of the products.

Listening to Rivetti speak, you can hear the passion and the love for the brand in his voice. His pride and knowledge of the products that the brand has created over the years shines through in this short video which will appeal to not only fans of the brand but people that want to know more about Stone Island and how they develop their products.


Video was created by Highsnobiety
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