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Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard : New Brand Alert

For those of us looking to build upon our wardrobe fundamentals, we’re sure you’ll agree when we say it gives us great pleasure to announce the arrival of Colorful Standard here at Aphrodite. Known for their commitment to essentials that stand the test of time and unwillingness to cut corners when it comes to sustainability, the Danish brand is a great example of simplicity done in its most quality, ethical and colourful form.

Removing the pressure and influence of seasonal trends, Colorful Standard focus on crafting a timeless collection of curated pieces. Ranging from t-shirts and hoodies to sweat pants and shorts, each piece sees a decisively modern cut that’s been perfected through years of subtle iterations and customer feedback. Pre-shrunk to prevent degradation over repeat wear and wash, their output may seem simple on paper but when you dig a little deeper it’s easy to see exactly how much effort goes into upholding their planet-friendly ethos.


Colorful Standard T-Shirts


Crafting their garments from only recycled and organic materials such as cotton and merino wool, precise laser cutting techniques ensure as little as possible waste fabric is produced during the early stages of construction. With any remaining scraps being collected and used in other areas such as furniture filling, an environmentally friendly, Oeke-Tex certified solution is used across their garment-dyeing procedures, not only give them complete control over the finished product but ensuring as little as possible damage to mother nature.

Overseeing the entire lifespan from start to finish in their very own production facility in Portugal, the brand are able to not only offer full transparency when it comes to their sustainable practices but ensure fair wages and safe conditions for their workers whilst simultaneously streamlining their supply chain to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

In summary, if you’re looking for that next pair of stay-at-home joggers or a sweatshirt with just the right shade of sahara camel then you’ve come to the right place and it’s all guilt-free.

Shop the first drop of Colorful Standard online now at Aphrodite.

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