CP Company Brand Guide

CP Company Goggle Jacket

CP Company Brand Guide

An Introduction to CP Company

CP Company is an Italian Clothing Company which was born in 1975. Their main idea was for a casual menswear brand to bring the traditional elements back into a man’s wardrobe. All garment which are produced by C.P. Company reflect the company’s philosophy ‘Function and Use’.

CP Company originally focused on military work wear and work outfits but as time went on, focus shifted from this area to the evolution of urban city wear.  Originally named ‘Chester Perry’, the company changed name in the mid 70’s to become C.P Company we know today. Chester Perry came from 2 London brands, Fred Perry and Chester Barry, which was tailoring brand and a sportswear brand, but after legal matters, had to settle on the Initial of each word. This then resulted in the creation of a tailored sportswear brand under the name C.P Company.

CP Company’s main intention is to produce garments which are exclusively individual to the company, with the help of using new technology to find new materials, fabrics and finishes. Fabric is dyed, coated, washed, treated and printed on to find innovative and fresh concepts and designs.

This season C.P Company has come up with some great designs, taking inspiration from the authentic pieces of previous apparels.
There are 4 main collections; Heritage, Sport, Military and Nautical and Colonial.

CP Company Goggle Hood

The Heritage Collection are a combination of authentic utility jackets, garment treated chinos, faded shirts and sweatshirts. These are capsule collection garments with the vintage appearance.

The Sports Collection take detailing from the military styles, mixed with fabrics with maximum flexibility and use. Along with this, bold colours are used to add more dimension and give an extra lift to the garments.

Military collection, is basically a nautical themed assortment of garments mixing military and sportswear to give the definitive yet effective sailor and sport Expression. The famous C.P. Company Goggle jacket is the perfect example of this collection, which has been taken and reinvented with new features including multifunctional pockets inspired by the ‘survival Kits’ supplied to those in the American Air Force.

Last but not least the Colonial collection of garments. This adds to the cultural and ethnic area of the overall spring summer 2012 collection. Using Korean Collars and cultural prints and textures this collection is perfect for the modern day traveller and explorer.

C.P Company Goggle Jacket Video

On our official Youtube channel, we featured on of the CP Company Goggle jackets in a recent video which highlights some of the major features of the jacket. Have a watch of the video and please leave us any comments if you have any questions about it.

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