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Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Let’s be honest, as the Christmas season settles in and present panic buying begins to take over, the same gifts are left year on year un-bought until the very last moment… the ones for your partner. Every year you find yourself facing the same guessing game of what to buy, leaving her with endless amounts of jewellery that doesn’t match her style or t-shirts that she would never wear.

But shopping for your loved one doesn’t mean breaking out of your comfort zone, sticking to sites you know and brands you love can be the perfect tactic. Make present buying your forte this season by following our Gifts For Her Guide – demonstrating how you can impress this Christmas day with a wide selection of items from Aphrodite.

The ‘Boyfriend’ Fit

Every girl loves to embrace the oversized baggy aesthetic, channelling the casual look of menswear merged with their own feminine style. Aries is the ultimate brand for a unisex fit, with a wide variety of styles suitable for matching a woman’s wardrobe. Our female staff are loving the tie-dye garments this season, the saturated splashes of colour allow for vibrant styling. Team up the Aries tee and sweat for the ultimate present which will leave your partner desperate to get changed into her new set.

Ami is also another brand that is easily adaptable to blend into a female wardrobe. With their romantic logo bringing appeal to a feminine audience, their range of t-shirts can also be the ideal option this Christmas.







Top Tip: When buying t-shirts for your special lady from male brands, aim for  oversized fits, raglan sleeves and crew necklines. This will ensure the t-shirt will drape correctly on a woman’s form, and avoid any uncomfortable fits.


Hoodie Must-Haves

Sick of your girlfriend stealing your hoodies? Treat her to one of her own this season by picking from our large collection of designer pullovers and half zips. Women’s hoodies are usually cut to a contoured fit, hence why your partner will constantly be preferring yours over her own, allowing her to have a more baggy, comfortable outfit finish.

Buying her a classic brand such as Ralph Lauren allows your partner to add an iconic styling piece to her rotation, or if your lady likes a bolder look, try Kenzo for a simple silhouette with emblazoned branding.    

Top Tip: Although you are aiming for an oversized fit with your hoodie, do not size up like you would for yourself. Male clothing is cut to a wider fit, so, therefore, will already be a baggy fit for your partner. Judge arms and length instead to help with sizing.



When stepping into the world of menswear, women usually gravitate towards a casual street look, opening up the doors to brands such as Adidas and Stussy for your Christmas shopping.

This season Stussy have introduced new textures and fabrics into their collection, which will encourage your partner to layer up her new items with her other favourite pieces in her wardrobe.

Don’t feel like she’d like the bold approach? Opt for a more toned-down look with a simple t-shirt, something that can be teamed with cycling shorts for lazy days, or leather-look leggings and boots for a casual day out.

Top Tip: Streetstyle may be one of the easiest routes you could take for shopping for your loved one due to its versatility in styling and usage. 


Staple Footwear

Unbeatable in terms of present selection, trainers are the perfect statement piece that can become a classic part of your partner’s rotation. Easily styled with dresses and jeans alike, a pair of chunky trainers are a must-have and are sure to bring a smile to your girlfriend’s face on Christmas day.

Axel Arigato is the perfect brand for unisex footwear, designed to a chunky silhouette, they’re also perfect for matching more feminine outfits.

Top Tip – When buying male shoes for a woman, you may need to size down to make sure the shoe isn’t too wide fitting. Check if she is a half size or if she shops for wide fitting shoes to assess what size to choose.


Special Sets

Girls love to match and buying them the perfect designer items that can be worn alone or separate is the easiest way to achieve a happy girlfriend this Christmas. Commes Des Garcons has a huge selection of accessories, perfect for mix and matching and styling with their main products.

Top Tip: When trying to form a set of presents, select the main product first (i.e. a t-shirt) and then base accessories around it. 



Want the ultimate statement present to give this Christmas? Invest in a winter jacket for your loved one this season, being something that is sure to come out of the wardrobe every year. The North Face is a brand notorious for blurring the lines of gender in terms of their styles, with women continuously selecting the male options from their collection.

Moncler also provide a lot of designs suitable for both genders, exploring the use of pastel shades perfect for merging into either wardrobe.

Top Tip: Avoid buying jackets that are form-fitting for a male, as this will translate into a boxy fit on a woman. Padded jackets are the perfect selection as the evenly-distributed filling allows the silhouette to hug the entire upper body rather than just the shoulders.


Following this guide is sure to bring you a joyful reaction this Christmas and take the stress away in the lead up to the big day. Shop our entire Gifts For Her range.

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