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Drole de Monsieur Brand Guide

Drole de Monsieur Brand Guide

One of the newer brands to find themselves among the Aphrodite ranks we thought we would take some time to take a peek behind the Drole de Monsieur brand curtain and shed some light on exactly why they should be a very large blip on your clothing orientated radar.

Created in 2014 by friends, Dany and Maxime, the Drole de Monsieur brand is a French ready-to-wear label that places emphasis on clean lines, quality fabrication, and bold design. Born out of a shared passion for clothing, the desire to put their own stamp on the industry, and a distinct vision for the future, the brand quickly found itself carving out a distinct identity in the French fashion sphere for their off-kilter take on contemporary clothing.Drole de Monsieur

Roughly translated to, “funny gentleman” the brand finds their roots based in the small town of Dijon were, with no prior experience in the fashion world, the brothers coined the phrase, “not from Paris madame” as part of their first collection. Standing as not only a tongue in cheek reference to their fashion capital outsider status and lack of industry knowledge but a now-iconic focal point of their core offering, the callout can still be found embroidered, printed and embossed across their garments to this day.

Drawing from a vast list of differentiated influences the Drole de Monsieur brand boasts a particular knack when it comes to their ability to cleverly merge a range of juxtaposing themes. Blurring the lines that stand between everything from retro styling and modern minimalism to vintage cuts and on-trend fabrication the brand effortlessly mixes their expansive selection of source material with a healthy dose of vibrant hues and strong branding.

Drole de MonsieurFocusing on everyday versatility and uniting their collections under one common theme the brand instead opts to utilise intricate detailing, quality fabrics, and clever alterations to add playful twists to timeless staples and subtle modifications on traditional sportswear tropes. The result is everything from pristinely tailored tracksuits, velvet rugby shirts, and reworked outerwear to modern sportswear, quality sweats, and bold accessory pieces all dripping with quintessential Drole de Monsieur brand flavour.

Take a look at our full Drole de Monsieur collection and look out for the brand’s SS20 collection coming very soon.

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