Find out how to spot fake Canada Goose with @TheHoxtonTrend

Find out how to spot fake Canada Goose with @TheHoxtonTrend

Canada Goose Coat

So you’ve saved up for months with the aim to treat yourself to a Canada Goose gilet. What would be more disappointing than to receive what you’ve worked so hard for to discover it is actually a fake?

There are so many counterfeit Canada Goose jackets all over the web, resulting in people being conned out of hundreds of pounds without realising that the jacket they’ve bought isn’t genuine.

With this in mind, men’s lifestyle and clothing blogger @TheHoxtonTrend has put together a video comparing a fake and real Canada Goose gilet. The real gilet being the red one and the black one being the fake. Details such as the zip, press stud buttons and inside labels can give away that the gilet is fake. During the video, it is pointed out that even the stitching on the label and lack of stitching on the inside of the garment proves that it isn’t genuine.

You can watch the video below:


The Hoxton Trend has created a few videos on how to spot fake designer clothing. You can view his channel here.

To avoid buying a fake Canada Goose item, ensure that you purchase from official stockists!

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