How To Spot Fake Stone Island

fake stone island

How to Spot Fake Stone Island

The brand famed for their intricate dyeing process are undoubtedly popular and loved by many, including brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher. They’ve amassed a worldwide fan base, with their older fans affectionately nicknaming the brand ‘stoney’. Unfortunately with such a big brand comes the mass intrusion of counterfeits, with more and fake Stone Island pieces becoming available on the marketplace. We recently came across this article from High Snobiety which gives a great insight into how to distinguish the fakes from the genuine. Here Lyle Cross details the most common fakes to watch out for.

Stone Island

“There’s loads of fakes! Mainly spread about on eBay, Facebook marketplaces, Depop, and street markets…that kinda thing. The most commonly faked items are Raso Gommato jackets, Micro Reps jackets, tracksuits (normally those have two badges — which is a dead giveaway), polo tops and tees. There are few ways you can look out for fakes, I tend to find looking at the buttons is the easiest. All the sleeve buttons on Stone Island jackets made after 1986 have a cross in the centre of them, as opposed to four holes which you see on a lot of the older fakes.”

To find out more ways to spot a fake, head over to High Snobiety!



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