How Facebook Has Filled The Hole Left By Fashion Forums

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How Facebook Has Filled The Hole Left By Fashion Forums

With the proliferation of social media and the ability to endlessly scroll through photographs of whatever takes your fancy, it’s sometimes hard to imagine a time when finding information about lifestyle hobbies and interests required either visiting a physical location, or going to a dedicated forum or message board. The sneaker collection scene is perhaps the best example of this; in the 2000s, forums like NikeTalk, Crooked Tongues and 5th Dimension were the go-to place for drop dates, upcoming releases and users flaunting their latest buys, while fostering a sense of community and identity for their members.

Complex recently ran an article on how private Facebook Groups like Yeezy Talk Worldwide and The Basement are keeping this spirit alive, offering a closed, community-based alternative to the anything-goes nature of social media, while also providing a peer-moderated space to buy and sell footwear and apparel without navigating the often risky waters of eBay or similar sites.

Whether your interests lie in the latest hype trainers or rare vintage terrace classics, the article covers a wide range of groups, and the trials and tribulations of running them. It gives a good insight into an often-mysterious side of internet fashion culture, as well as highlighting the diversity of the different groups and their respective members.

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