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How To Clean Suede Trainers

A Guide On How To Clean Your Suede Trainers

Are you the type of person who loves to keep their suede shoes clean? If so, you can follow our guide on how to clean suede with essential Jason Markk UK products.

Jason Markk UK

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You’ll Need

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Solution

Jason Markk Premium Brush

Jason Markk Microfiber towel

The Steps

Before you begin, be cautious of dyed suede as the colour can bleed when in contact with water.

  1. First of all, use the brush to remove any dirt lying on the surface of the shoe.
  2. Fill a bowl of water and dip the brush into it, applying an appropriate amount of shoe cleaning solution to the brush before dipping it back in the water
  3. Shake any excess water from the brush before scrubbing the entire suede area evenly. You can repeat this depending on how much you need to clean the suede.
  4. After cleaning, it’s time to focus on the drying process. Grab your microfiber towel, it’s important to move fast in order to absorb the water.
  5. Use the dab and twist method, repeating several times before allowing to dry naturally.
  6. After an hour or two, work the nap back and forth with the premium brush, then allow to dry naturally. Make sure you keep working the nap back and forth several times throughout, until the shoes are completely dry.

You can purchase Jason Markk products on our website, did you find this guide useful? Watch an exclusive Jason Markk video below on the suede cleaning process.

Video courtesy of Jason Markk UK on Vimeo

Jason Markk | How To Clean Suede from Jason Markk on Vimeo.


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