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How To Wear Chinos

The quintessential piece of any modern day man’s wardrobe,  the humble chino, how did we get through the smart / casual occasions without them?  The hard-wearing yet comfortable material was originally cut for soldiers in the military, and slowly trickled down to civilian wear. The natural earth-tones were the perfect hues to be sat camouflaged on battlefields, and now are the versatile base for your weekend outfits.

Nowadays you wouldn’t think twice about throwing on your favourite pair of khaki chinos on a Monday morning, looking around the train on the morning commute to be greeted with nods of approval. But throwback a few decades and they wouldn’t be part of your office life, if it wasn’t for the dress-down Friday phenomenon of the late 90’s. Imagine that, a office life without that comfort, sends shivers down your spine.

Lets set the scene, the warm air is hitting your face, the sound of the sea lapping against the crystal white sand, and the sun is slinking and sinking behind the horizon. How would you fit your beloved beige chinos into this situation? Roll up those hems, let those ankles see daylight. Pair them with a loose fitting short sleeved shirt, maybe open a button or two you are on holiday after all, and a pair of navy suede tassel loafers. Creating the perfect holiday evening outfit, that is sure to gain you access to the VIP areas.

Ready to let go of summer? Fast forward a few months, and get ready to layer up. The fire roaring in the corner, your favourite real ales on tap, the slurring at the bar, see winter isn’t that bad, with a pint in your hand. Now how to catch the attention of your old flame. Dust the sand of those chinos, roll the turn ups down, pull on a pair of thick woollen knitted socks, and lace up a pair of leather hiking boots. Iron that flannel checked shirt, and get under that cable knit jumper, and you have mastered the irresistible casual winter look.

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Be the master of your own fate! Wear those chinos until they are threadbare! Ride that smart / casual wave in style, regardless of the season.
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