How To Wear Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

How To Wear Long Sleeved Polo Shirts

An Introduction On How To Wear Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

A truly trustworthy garment is hard to come across, and like many firm wardrobe staples, the long sleeve polo finds itself drifting in and out of favour of the fashion pack; even though its credentials as a “go to piece” for instant style is unquestionable.

One of the many fables of fashion history, the true origins of the polo shirt may well have been lost to the pages of the past. Many believe that it was the French tennis player, Renė Lacoste, who bought the polo shirt and its classic pique fabric to the forefront of fashion after controversially wearing a white version of his own design on court. However, some fashion historians believe that British polo players based in India in the early 19th century utilized something similar to today’s modern polo shirt so that they would remain comfortable on horseback. It was at this time that additions such as button down collars, to prevent the collar moving were added to the style.

No matter where the polo shirt’s origins may lie, one thing is for certain; it is a versatile and fashionable ally. The long sleeve polo became a later edition to a wardrobe staple, proving to be just as versatile as its short sleeved counterpart, with a huge host of ways in which it can be worn.


Layering A Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

(see photograph to right)

A sure fire way to introduce an extra layer of warmth on a cold day, the long sleeve polo is a great piece to work with when you’re going for a layered look.

Never be afraid to experiment with contrasting textures and colours, however, if you want to opt for a sure fire piece that is going to sit well with the majority of your wardrobe, aim for neutral colours such as grey, black and white.

Extra touches, like collar and placket tipping can add subtle details if you’re layering up with something that still reveals a lot of your long sleeve polo, such as a body warmer. This look gives off a well thought out casual feel, so it’s perfect for linking up with dark denims and a pair of hiking style inspired boots to tie in with the outdoor background of the body warmer.

A strong collar shape on a long sleeved polo will make them easy to wear with a host of knitwear too, so don’t be afraid to link yours with a of crew or v-neck jumper.



Achieving A Smarter Appearance With A Long Sleeve Polo 

(see photograph to left)

Long sleeved polo’s aren’t just for casual wear. Going in for a fine gauge knitted piece can help add a classic feel to your smarter ensembles and help to give the tailoring elements of your wardrobe a whole new lease of life.
Opting for a knitted long sleeve polo shirt gives a much smarter resemblance than any style that is made using a pique fabric, meaning that you can wear them with trousers, chinos, or dark coloured jeans and shoes. To progress this smarter look further, introduce extra layers and give your style more depth.

Consider mixing your knitted long sleeve polo shirt with a thin half button cardigan with a deep V, then finishing it off with a well tailored blazer jacket to create a sartorially thoughtful image.


The Casual, Laid Back Look 

(see photograph to right)

The range of materials and designs behind the long sleeve polo really help to make it applicable in a range of situations. For a more casual look, aim to get a style made from pique cotton. This was the material used on the original polo shirt styles- it’s comfortable and breathable, as well as easy to dye with a host of colours. It is perhaps for the last reason in particular that the majority of casual long sleeve polo’s are produced using pique cotton.

Coming in a huge variety of colours, finding one to match your personality is easy; whether you’re quiet and understated with a sleek black edition, or wanting to make a statement with a bright red or purple.
Wear your casual long sleeved polo with a classic laid back feel-link them with tapered jeans and trainers for instant style with a timeless feel.


Wearing A Long Sleeve Polo To Achieve A Sporty Style(see photograph to left) 

Finally, bring the polo shirt full circle and wear your long sleeved interpretation with a sporting flair. Link it up with jogging bottoms that have a premium feel, to give a sleek athletic look to your casual attire.

A jogging bottom with a tapered leg, whilst a wise trainer choice will help keep you away from looking like you’ve just come out the gym, whilst the long sleeve pique polo will give you one of the ultimate laid back yet stylishly well appointed looks.


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Wrote by Sarah Kearney

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