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How To Wear Patterned Shirts

An Introduction To The Shirt

A true wardrobe staple, the shirt has been a well dressed necessity for any concertedly dressed man throughout history. Well placed and adored throughout pretty much every fashion movement in history, from the gingham check shirts of the mod’s in the 1960’s, to the plain coloured Oxford shirts of preppy culture in the 1980’s and beyond, the shirt has played its role in pretty much every look that became a popular trend throughout our fashionable past.

A simple and elegant design, the shirt was perhaps favoured for its versatility. Being able to be crafted in a huge host of materials was the shirts original forte, after being made with everything from sleek cottons for formal attire to be worn with suits and tuxedos, to soft flannels that are perfect for wearing in the winter with denims. The huge variety in shirting options have helped to make them into one of the most effective multipurpose pieces hanging in your wardrobe.

Like anything that survives in the fast paced world of fashion, the shirt has changed and adapted with developing trends, changing everything from the fit, to the collar shape, colour and material to remain in the desirable eyes of your wardrobe.

One of the most recent movements in shirting has been a shift from the plain and simple, to the loud and proud. Prints and patterns have become the norm for casual and smart shirts, with everything from traditional checks and stripes, to full body prints and bright floral patterns taking over the mainstay of today’s fashion;  the shirt has received a new lease of life that brings it up to speed with a sleek, imaginative look.

The Patterned Shirt

With so many options now available in patterned shirting, finding a way to work them into your wardrobe can prove to be a trying task. From using full printed shirts all year round, to picking the right pattern for the right occasion, patterned shirts give your outfit a whole new feel thanks to the many ways in which they can be worn.


Simple With A Classic Edge

For a laid back feel, aim to keep your patterns simple with a classic edge. Shirts with an eye catching check are perfect for this; they pack a punch when it comes to getting a heritage look, so link them with a few other classics, with a pair of slim fitting dark denim jeans, and classic runner styled trainers. This whole ensemble offers a well thought out yet relaxed look, which makes the most of tried and trusted style pieces.(see photograph to right)

Smarter Attire

(see photograph to left) 

Not just confined to casual wear, patterns can also be worked into your smarter attire. Don’t be afraid to blend a striking pattern, such as a bright floral print, with the tailored elements of your wardrobe.

Blazer jackets work wonders in this department thanks to their wide chest opening; they perfectly frame the pattern of any printed shirt you’ve linked it with. Using a pattern underneath a piece that by definition gives a smarter appearance offers you the chance to make a more dressed up look, it has more fashionable freedom than the simple clichéd white shirt ensemble.





Luxurious Style

(see photograph to right) 

The print on the shirt should be loud enough to ensure that it stays as the focal point of the entire ensemble; however, details can still be achieved in the finer touches of the pieces you select to go around it, such as suede tassel loafers.Patterned shirts that feature bold and striking prints can also help craft a feeling of luxurious style. Wear these shirts on their own to fully display their entire look, and then link them with carefully selected unobtrusive pieces, such as black denim.

Classic Look

(see photograph to left)

If you’re aiming for another classic look that remains casually conservative yet supplies enough details to give a well thought out feel, then consider layering a finely striped shirt with a piece of quality knitwear.

The ideal ensemble to link with dark jeans and boots or trainers, a textured knit can set this look off and give your casual look an undoubtedly smart edge.

Layering Up 

(see photograph to right) 

Finally, make use of printed shirts that are destined for you summer wardrobe all year round by layering up. Counteract any short sleeve edition that you’re keen to wear throughout the year by wearing a cardigan that when worn open can display the full effect of the print. Short sleeve shirts can often have a summer themed print, which can give your look a touch of eccentric luxury, so back this up with a pair of premium designer denims and show off the best prints the summer has to offer no matter what the weather.


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Wrote by Samantha Carruthers


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