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Kenzo Brand Guide

What is Kenzo?

Kenzo is a fashion brand renowned for its bold prints and luxurious designs, which combine Asian influences with traditional European silhouettes and techniques. Quickly rising to prominence within the industry, the brand exude a true air of youthful yet opulent prestige, reinterpreting contemporary codes to celebrate cultural diversity whilst continuing to pursue a borderless approach to their work. From humble beginnings crafting his first designs from scrap fabrics to gracing the torsos of some of the world’s most famous and influential people, the Kenzo brand is perhaps most famous for its Kenzo tiger logo, which graces a whole slew of Kenzo t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

Elsewhere the brand plays with proportion, colour, and branding to create a forward-thinking vibe and an easygoing, wearable aesthetic.  All of Kenzo’s garments maintain their original dedication to exceptionally high-quality fabrication: beyond looking good, the Kenzo brand has to be felt to be truly appreciated. From classic polos to sweatshirts, luxuriously soft knitwear, and utility-inspired trousers, the Kenzo men’s collection truly carry on the original spirit of the brand.


Kenzo Tiger Hoodie


Who Founded Kenzo?

Kenzo was founded by designer Kenzo Takada following his move to Paris in 1964. Born in Himeiji, Japan to traditional innkeeper parents, he developed a love for fashion at an early age, dropping out of his literature studies at the University of Kobe to attend Tokyo’s Bunka fashion College. Creating clothes for various department stores before the launch of his own brand, Kenzo would retire from the company in 1999.


Kenzo Tiger Sneakers


When Was Kenzo Started?

Kenzo was originally started in 1970, where the brand opened their first physical space at the Gallerie Viviene. Focusing primarily on womenswear, the designs were hailed by American Vogue as the next evolution of boutique fashion the following year it what would mark the beginning of an illustrious history.

Launching their first menswear collection 13 years later in 1983, the brand would go on to launch a womens perfume line in 1988 followed by their men’s fragrance counterpart in 1991, skincare in 2001 and more recently a homeware diffusion line in just 2005.


Kenzo Tracksuit


What Is The Kenzo Logo?

Arguably one of the most recognisable Moniker’s in modern day fashion, Kenzo are often identified for their bold tiger branding that can be seen strewn across sweatshirts, t-shirts and jackets alike. Created during Carol Lim and Humberto Leon’s time spent as Creative Directors, the decision to introduce the now iconic tiger logo was originally met with some controversy and pushback from the deign team given the removal of the previously embedded flower logo. Releasing as part of the brand’s FW 2012 collection, the first run of Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirts sold out within hours at their Paris headquaters in a sign of things to come for the now omnipotent insignia.


Kenzo Tiger Logo


Celebrities wearing Kenzo

Thanks to the irresistible allure of Kenzo’s sprightly energy, immaculate quality and intricate detailing it doesn’t come as a surprise to many that some of most famous names in the celebrity world favour their garments. With rappers such as Jay Z, ASAP Rocky, Roddy Ricch and J Cole spotted on numerous occasions wearing a range of select pieces, you can also find Chance The Rapper heading up the brand’s 2016 collaborative campaign with H&M.

Of course it’s not just the musical world in which Kenzo has found success, with countless stars from film, television and sport choosing to opt in to the fashion houses vision. Such names include comedian / actor Kevin Hart, basketball players such as Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler and Brandon Ingram as well as many other countless sightings.


How To Style Kenzo

Kenzo is unique in the sense that it has many versatile ways in which it can be worked it both laidback and smart outfits alike. Thanks to their focus on bold prints, patterns and graphics items such as the Kenzo Tiger Hoodie can be worn as a statement piece alongside more stripped back garments such as a casual pair of jeans and sneakers, for a super casual, effortless but still put-together look.


Kenzo Roddy Ricch


As for Kenzo’s more high end tailored output, some of their more refined knitwear and shirts can be combined with trousers, derbies and an overcoat for a sophisticated and sleek result. With subtle details such as a tucked in top half and a more relaxed wider cut pant leg only serving to elevate your look, you can create a fashion-forward aesthetic in no time at all.



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