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Kenzo Brand Guide

Kenzo Brand Guide

Ever since its inception in 1970, the Kenzo brand has been renowned for its bold, intricate and luxurious designs, and we are delighted to welcome Kenzo to our roster of the world’s finest menswear.

Kenzo T Shirt

The brainchild of Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, the Kenzo brand was formed in 1970. Having achieved a place in the prestigious Bunko Fashion College in Tokyo, Takada later moved to Paris where he opened his first boutique. The next year, his playful designs were hailed by American Vogue as the next evolution in boutique fashion. The first Kenzo men’s collection was unveiled in 1980 and cemented the brand as a global fashion player. Now the Kenzo brand encompasses an entire lifestyle range, from fashion to homewares to fragrance, and has become a household name with a true air of youthful yet luxurious prestige.

Kenzo Tiger Hoodie

From humble beginnings crafting his first designs from scrap fabrics to gracing the torsos of some of the world’s most famous and influential people, the Kenzo brand is perhaps most famous for its Kenzo tiger logo, which graces a whole slew of Kenzo t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Elsewhere the brand plays with proportion, colour, and branding to create a forward-thinking vibe and an easygoing, wearable aesthetic.  All of Kenzo’s garments maintain Takada’s original dedication to exceptionally high-quality fabrication: beyond looking good, the Kenzo brand has to be felt to be truly appreciated. From classic polos to sweatshirts, luxuriously soft knitwear, and utility-inspired trousers, the Kenzo men’s collection truly carry on the original spirit of the brand.

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